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Canada draws attention through New Yorker partnership.

CTC teams up with the influential American magazine giant to turn US attention to Canadian adventures.

24 October 2012

New York’s literary, media and cultural luminaries found their attentions diverted by Canada at the recent The New Yorker Festival, held Oct. 5-7 in the Big Apple. Writers such as Martin Amis, Zadie Smith, Margaret Atwood and Orhan Pamuk, musicians such as Patti Smith and Norah Jones, and actors including Ben Stiller and Sarah Silverman had their eyes drawn to a particular exhibit.

As part of an ongoing partnership with the Canadian Tourism Commission (CTC), one of The New Yorker’s cartoonists produced three Canada-themed cartoons featuring a different Canadian province (Ontario, New Brunswick and British Columbia). Festival attendees then tapped their funny bones to come up with a prize-winning caption to go with a fourth cartoon that depicted the Maid of the Mist at Niagara Falls. Three lucky winners claimed trips for two to the provinces featured.

Later in the year, The New Yorker will publish a “Cartoons of the Year” special edition, in which Canada will feature strongly through five full-page ads.

CTC also kept the Maple Leaf flying proudly at two US events in September. Two Mini Canada Media Marketplaces—at the celebrated Per Se restaurant in New York City, NY, and the Canadian Embassy in Washington, DC—connected Canadian tourism partners with key media in two cities. Amy Farley, Travel + Leisure news editor, and Pavia Rosati of Fathomaway kept the New York audience on their toes by leading a discussion on the future of travel journalism. Washington attendees got an extra treat with a talk by chef and author Barton Seaver, who extolled the virtues of seafood and sustainability, two themes close to Canadian life.

The events built awareness around Canada’s substantial range of destinations, experiences and attractions through engaging buzzing communities of bloggers and journalists. There were also short bursts of professional development, as well as Canadian-themed dinners to allow for more relaxed networking.



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Is there a chance we could see those three Canada-themed cartoons??
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