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CTC and National Geographic Travel team up to put Canada on the map for international travellers.

50 Places of a Lifetime campaign builds emotional connections with Canada.

01 October 2013

“We live in a wonderful world that is full of beauty, charm and adventure. There is no end to the adventures we can have if only we seek them with our eyes open.”― Jawaharlal Nehru

No country epitomizes Nehru’s quote more than Canada. The Canadian Tourism Commission (CTC) has joined National Geographic Travel in a partnership to stir travellers’ emotions around the world and increase awareness of Canada’s unique travel experiences.

The 50 Places of a Lifetime campaign is driving advocacy for Canada, building off original content, personal stories and travel itineraries on the National Geographic Travel website. The campaign will play off the strength of National Geographic Travel’s reputation and reach: its website garners 22.4 million unique global visitors per month, who generate an average of 212 million page views.

Four award-winning photographers fanned out across Canada to create the stunning content: Jonathan Irish’s beat was Alberta; Catherine Karnow and Taylor Kennedy criss-crossed British Columbia; Chris Rainier and Susan Seubert covered Atlantic Canada and Ontario; Melissa Farlow and Catherine Karnow supplied the gems from Quebec.

CTC’s and National Geographic Travel’s Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Google+ channels are encouraging consumers to share their stories of the 50 destinations using the #Canada50 hashtag.  Editors will select the best of those shared.

The campaign is reinforced by CTC and partner ads running across National Geographic Travel’s online international platforms as well as amplification and engagement with consumers on Facebook, Twitter and Google+. The editorial is also being translated for National Geographic Travel's Chinese website.

CTC’s Canadian tourism industry partners for the campaign are Air Canada, Destination British Columbia, Tourisme Québec and Travel Manitoba.

Fresh on the heels of a successful trip to the Yukon, CTC’s second Instagram FAM trip took seven leading international Instagrammers to Alberta in September. The magnificent seven—Jared Mitchell Chambers (US), Finn Beales (UK), Eelco Roos (Netherlands), Hiroaki Fukuda (Japan), Alex Strohl (Canada and France), Lauren Bath (Australia), and Garry Norriss (Australia) took an unforgettable seven-day road trip through the province and into the Rockies.

Their adventures, stories and photos were all chronicled on a dedicated #Alberta1x1 Tumblr page, and then shared to their followers on various social networks using the Alberta1x1 hashtag. Their itinerary included horseback riding, a helicopter ride and a trip to the Icefield Parkway. Travel Alberta partnered with CTC for the FAM trip.


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While this is all fine and nice, how is this helping Canadians especially low income earners to visit these beautiful places? Cost of domestic flight itself costs an arm and a leg, not to mention cost of accomodation and meals all can add up quickly. Did the government ever thought of promoting local tourism? When I say promoting I mean offer good deals on flights, accomodation and/or travel packages. Have they ever wonder why Canadians are more tempted to head to South instead? I have friends who have never stepped out of the Province before! Why? Simply because its too costly. Its saddening but its the truth.

Although I support tourism in Canada and would wish to visit all the wonderful cities and experience all the different food, cultures and people from all over, that may be out of my reach unfortunately.

I hope someday you will be able to figure it out how to make it affordable, until next time wishing all the best.