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Michele McKenzie puts CTC’s cards on the table.

CTC president delivers two prominent speeches in Ottawa, ON, and Vancouver, BC, on high stakes global tourism biz.

04 February 2011

Take it from the top: Michele McKenzie, Canadian Tourism Commission (CTC) president and CEO, gave two speeches recently that laid out Canada’s part in the global tourism story to leading business and media audiences in Ottawa, ON, and Vancouver, BC.

First up was the Eggs n’Icons breakfast at the Ottawa Chamber of Commerce on Jan. 26. On Feb. 3, McKenzie had centre stage at The Vancouver Board of Trade.

The themes: the astonishing rise of global travel in the past 100 years and how CTC is capitalizing on the 2010 Winter Games. Back in 1950, there were 25 million international arrivals worldwide; 2010 saw an estimated 935 million; and 2020 is projected to witness 1.6 billion. That’s a lot of passport stamps.

CTC’s Olympic strategy is paying dividends. The Games changed how the world sees Canada, partly aided by CTC influencing global media exposure. Latest figures from CTC’s key international markets show a rise in arrivals and spending by those international visitors, up for the third consecutive quarter.

There was an update on what CTC is doing after the official signing of Approved Destination Status from China to tap into the world’s biggest potential travel market. In Ottawa, McKenzie also touched on the challenges of getting visas in emerging markets and improving air access.

“We are better positioned now than ever before to compete for an increased share of the growing markets for international travellers,” said McKenzie. Our awareness has never been higher. Our industry provides experiences the world craves. This is our time.”

Read the speaking notes from Ottawa and Vancouver.



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