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Michele McKenzie aims to leave CTC on a high note.

President and CEO to step down on Dec. 31 after 10-year term at the pinnacle of Canadian tourism.

01 October 2013

After leading the Canadian Tourism Commission (CTC) for a full two terms of service, the CTC's President and CEO Michele McKenzie announced today to her team that she will be leaving her post effective December 31, 2013.

“I have loved every minute of my time at CTC. It has been an absolute privilege to work with such a talented and dedicated team of professionals. After 10 years in the top job I have accomplished what I set out to do. I have decided it is time for me to move on,” said Ms McKenzie.

The Minister of State for Small Business and Tourism, and Agriculture, the Honourable Maxime Bernier, today shared this message with CTC: “Over the last 10 years, Michele's greatest leadership quality was her ability to lead by example, inspiring the talented team behind her to help shape and define the Canadian Tourism Commission as we know it today: a creative, analytical, and first class marketing organization. I have greatly appreciated her professionalism, insight and candor in helping me personally in my role as Minister of State. On behalf of the Government of Canada, I thank her for her dedication and wish her well in the next chapter of her career.”

Steve Allan, CTC’s Chair of the Board of Directors, drew particular attention today to Michele’s record on delivering economic results for Canada’s tourism industry, and her commitment to accountability and widespread collaboration. “Under Michele's leadership, the CTC has evolved into a strategy-focused crown corporation that has garnered national and international recognition as a top notch national tourism marketer. Her leadership success is reflected every day in the public and private sector tourism partnerships that support the work of CTC by matching federal government's investments,” says Mr. Allan. “The Board is extremely grateful to Michele for her outstanding contribution to the CTC and to the Canadian tourism industry and we wish her every success in the future.”

In her time with the CTC, Ms McKenzie led the evolution and transformation of Canada’s international tourism brand. Over the past years, the Canada brand has been recognized by FutureBrand’s Country Brand Index as one of the top two country brands in the world. With the support of the Government of Canada, she led an ambitious marketing program to promote tourism by leveraging the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Games—a model that has since been followed by other nations. Ms McKenzie has also led the CTC in winning numerous awards and recognition including the 2009 Marketer of the Year award (Marketing magazine) and the Leading Management Change Award in 2013 for exceptional leadership in management practices in strategic planning (Canadian Government Executive). 

Ms McKenzie will leave her post at the end of her term on a high note and with optimism: “This is a terrific industry, with significant growth potential. I thank the CTC team, and industry players from coast to coast to coast for their support and their partnership,” said Ms McKenzie.

The process to determine CTC's next permanent President and CEO will be carried out by the Government of Canada in collaboration with the CTC Board of Directors. The President and CEO position at CTC is appointed by Governor in Council.


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Michelle you have been a wonderful ambassador for Nova Scotia and all of Canada and we as so proud of your great work. ENjoy your retirement - hopefully back in Maritime Canada.

You've done a great job. Hope we will see more of you I Nova Scotia.

Wow 10 years already, you have done a great job, you should be very proud

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You are a true leader for any institution.You have proved that during your many years of dedication to CTC and Tourism.

I am full of praise for all the work you and your team has done for the tourism industry.

I also compare your leadership and achievments during your term to any private business considering the efficiencies you brought in your department and benefits to the tourism.It is very very hard to do both at the same time.

Michele,we thank you so much for your vision in toursim.

Wishing you a very bright years to come .

Warmest Hospitality regards,

Bhagwant S. Parmar
Brock Hotels

Running the CTC is an incredibly challenging job. You did it with confidence and grace for longer than anyone before you. We have all benefited from your leadership. Well done!

Big news and a game changer for the tourism industry in Canada. It was an honor and pleasure to work with you! All the best and every success.

Thank you all for your kind words, and to the people who have sent emails as well. It has been a great privilege to serve you in this role! I hope to see many of you before the end of the year. Michele

Dear Michele,I can't believe it has been 10 years. All the best to you!

Sincerely, Lilian Tankard
Travel Manitoba

We are going to miss you Michelle and can't wait to learn where your talents will be placed for the next chapter of your journey. You have been an inspiration, a leader, a positive force and we'll miss you leading our national tourism marketing organization! All the best.

Thank you for a decade of leadership Michelle!
Best wishes for your next horizon.

My very dear Michele,
you will be greatly missed as President and CEO of the CTC, thank god I will keep you as a dear friend.
Thank you for every thing you did during your tenure, Best of luck, love, Charles

Well done Michele! What can I say that has not already been said over and over again. Your shoes will be very hard to fill if at all possible. Wishing you all the very best and hope that our paths will once again cross.