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Time is right for Mexicans to come to Canada.

New major CTC campaign aims to motivate consumers not to delay and to travel in 2015.

18 March 2015

Every second counts in international marketing. The Mexico office of the Canadian Tourism Commission (CTC) has just unveiled its major marketing project for 2015.

The Ahora es cuando (Now is the time) campaign will focus on nine Canadian travel experiences (one per month) over the course of the year, creating a sense of urgency and affordability to motivate Mexicans to travel to Canada in 2015. The term ahora es cuando is often used by Mexicans to describe when two events coincide that lead to a decision.

The experiences selected for the campaign, which will be highlighted on the campaign website each month, are: Whistler, BC; Festival International de Jazz de Montréal, QC; Niagara Falls, ON; EdgeWalk at the CN Tower, Toronto, ON; Columbia Icefield, AB; Granville Island, Vancouver, BC; viewing polar bears, MB; Northern Lights,YK; Hôtel de Glace, QC.

Generally, Mexicans do their travel research online, but buy offline. To help smooth that process, if consumers click on packages featured on the website they will be asked if they’d like a follow-up phone call from a trade rep.

The campaign is being promoted on social media, using the #AhoraEsCuando hashtag. Also in the works: print ads, monthly e-newsletters and FAM trips for travel agents to educate them on specific experiences.

The Mexico market experienced a serious surge in travel to Canada in the second half of 2014, thanks largely to the introduction of the CAN+ visa program. According to CTC’s December Tourism Snapshot, more than 172,000 Mexicans made Canada their vacation destination in 2014, a 14% year-on-year rise. With two new direct air services scheduled for take-off later this year (Aeromexico will fly Mexico City to Toronto, starting May; Air Canada will fly Mexico City to Montréal, starting June), the outlook for 2015 is even more promising.

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