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Canada’s TV dream vacations set to inspire Japanese consumers.

CTC partners with JTB and BS Fuji to create and broadcast memorable Canadian experiences.

29 January 2014

“The customer comes first” is an oft-repeated business adage. The Japan office of the Canadian Tourism Commission (CTC) has put that into practice with an innovative project that combines social media and TV to showcase Canadian travel experiences in tours designed for—and by—consumers themselves.

Starting Jan. 29, BS Fuji is screening “Waku Waku Canada” (“Exciting Canada”), a four-part (one episode per week) series showcasing four memorable travel itineraries across the country. As each 25-minute episode is televised, JTB will release the matching itinerary for Japanese consumers to buy on its website and in retail stores. CTC-Japan will upload the four episodes to its YouTube channel later this year.

The project has been months in the planning. A social-media contest in May 2013 selected five Canada “super fans.” These five super fans brainstormed alongside “Waku Waku Canada” host Misato Tate, plus co-host/super blogger Micaela, CTC-Japan and BS Fuji to create the four dream vacation packages:

During late summer 2013, Misato Tate and Micaela and film crew criss-crossed Canada to capture all these experiences. As they travelled, fans shared suggestions via Facebook and Twitter for where to go next, much of which were incorporated into the itineraries. Micaela also shared her stories on her blog and on CTC-Japan’s social-media channels.

As the first transmission date neared, the two hosts have shared more of their stories on social media to build excitement.

“Since 2012, there has been a major change in the demographic makeup of Japanese travellers coming to Canada, with visitors aged 55 and under now more than three-quarters of the market,” says Maureen Riley, CTC-Japan managing director. “This project and new itineraries are designed to appeal precisely to that age group, revealing Canada as the place to go for exploration and adventure.”



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Hi Bill

The numbers came via Statistics Canada's Travel Characteristics report.

"In 2012 the portion of those under 55 rose to 71% from 62% in 2011." The 2013 data has not been released yet (they are undergoing a revamp) but we are confident that trend will continue.

Hope that helps

Do ou have a details numbers to support the visitors aged 55 and under now more thanthree-quarters of the Japan market.