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Canada stars in new Japanese TV drama.

CTC and partners help Imagica TV shoot ‘Love…so do I’ in Alberta, part of the launch of a new satellite broadcasting channel.

09 November 2011

Location, location, location: all good TV needs the right setting. The Canadian Tourism Commission (CTC) teamed up in September with other Canadian industry partners to facilitate the filming of “Love…so do I” in Alberta, a powerful new Japanese TV drama series, scheduled to premiere in 2012.

“Love…so do I”stars three of Japanese TV’s leading lights: Rina Uchiyama, Miho Shiraishi andIchikawa Yui. The drama series is a heartwarming story of love, loss and their efforts to rebuild their lives after the 2011 Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami, playing on the strong post-quake emotions of loss, healing and rebirth. Canada is showcased as a place of emotional and physical healing.

Imagica TV will be showcasing “Love…so do I” as part of the launch of its new satellite broadcasting channel in March 2012. CTC partnered with Travel Alberta, Air Canada and Banff & Lake Louise Tourism to bring the program to our shores.

As part of the build-up to the launch, Uchiyama, Shiraishi and Ichikawa will share tales of their Canadian experiences on CTC’s social-networking channels: Facebook, Twitterand YouTube. Travel Alberta will integrate footage from the series into their 2012 spring campaign. Imagica TV has a special website in the works to debut next year and will incorporate a prize campaign to promote a special tour package. A tour operator call-to-action campaign is also lined up to go live, featuring Canada products developed by major Japanese tour operators.

“Television has consistently proved to be one of the main drivers for inspiring people to travel,” says Maureen Riley, CTC-Japan general manager. “This new drama series and the adventures of its big stars here have captured the majesty of Canada perfectly and should excite many Japanese consumers to make the trip themselves.”

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Fantastic and I am glad that the CTC is partnering with the film industry.Please inform the gentleman from CTC who spoke to the TOTA Conference in Sun Peaks, BC about this project. He may not know about it and I asked about Film Tourism, he said it did not prove to be a beneficial endeavour for CTC.