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International traveller numbers dipped in February 2011.

Visitor data down in comparison with exceptionally high arrival numbers during 2010 Winter Games last February, says latest CTC Tourism Snapshot.

02 May 2011

There is no doubting the benefits to Canada of the 2010 Winter Games, including an overall rise in international visitor numbers. It’s not surprising then that the latest figures for this past February pale in comparison with the high-water marks of the same month in 2010, reports the latest Tourism Snapshot, just published by the Canadian Tourism Commission (CTC)’s Research department.  

Here are some other key stats:

  • There was a 10% year-on-year drop in overnight visitors to this country from CTC’s key markets in Feb. 2011.

  • Following the 2% bump upwards in January, it meant a 4% year-to-date drop, with a total of 1.3 million overnighters.

  • Overnight trips to Canada from countries other than our key markets took a 22% dive in Feb. 2011.

  • Overnighters from the US didn’t hit the heady heights of the same time last year, dipping by 9%. “Other” modes of travel (-16%), car trips (-9%) and plane travel (-7%) all played their part.

  • That drop in trips by our American friends was largely driven by the steep year-on-year tumble in visitor numbers (-27%) in Feb. 2011 to British Columbia, host province for the Games last year.

  • Feb. 2011 smiled on the Mexico market, with a 4% year-on-year rise in visitors to Canada.

  • And good cheer from the India market, too, with a 14% climb in overnight arrivals in Feb. 2011 compared with the same month last year.

  • Not such happy news from the Germany market, which endured a 26% year-on-year decline in overnight trips to Canada in Feb. 2011. That drop was driven by fewer German visitors to Alberta (-40%), British Columbia (-38%) and Ontario (-25%).

  • Canadians answered the call of the US in Feb. 2011, with 6% more crossing the border southwards compared with Feb. ’10.

  • Canadian consumer confidence didn’t blink in Feb. ‘11. The Index of Consumer Confidence, released by The Conference Board of Canada, reached 89.3, up 1.2 points.

  • The US looked onwards and upwards, too. The Conference Board Consumer Confidence Index climbed to 70.4, up 5.6 points on Jan. ‘11.

The Tourism Snapshot examines statistics and travel trends up to Feb. 28, 2011, in CTC’s—and its partners’—key global markets.

Read the latest Tourism Snapshot in full.

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