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CTC gathers a cluster of international awards.

Our marketing efforts with industry partners in Canada, South Korea and China gain kudos.

17 January 2013

The Canadian Tourism Commission (CTC) prides itself on innovative marketing, being constantly on the lookout for ways to gain a competitive edge in the global tourism marketplace. So pardon us as we blush in the limelight, as last year’s efforts gain domestic and international recognition.

  • Home sweet home: CTC’s Canada. Keep Exploring work with DDB, its advertising agency of record, worked its magic on the judges at the 2012 CMA Awards. The work claimed two awards: the gold in the Digital: Consumer Services category and silver in the Advertising: Consumer Services category. Hundreds of leading brands jostle for podium positions at the Canadian Marketing Association’s main event in Toronto, ON, each year.
  • Awesome foursome: CTC and Canadaare certainly resonating with Chinese consumers, judging by the honours in 2012. Canada was voted 2012 Market Leader at the Top Travelmagazine awards. Top Travel is China’s only high-quality magazine that focuses on tourism; other areas covered include autos, fashion and cutting-edge IT. Shortly afterwards, Canada was named the Global Times No. 1 Overseas Travel Destination. The designation, which saw Canada move Australia and France into second and third place respectively, is highly prestigious as Global Times, a Chinese daily newspaper, has a two-million-plus circulation. Its Global Travel column is the market leader and first choice for ad placements for travel agencies, airlines and tourism marketing organizations. A reader survey run by LOHAS, the lifestyle column in Beijing’s twice-weekly newspaper Life Style, saw Canadacome away as the “the best sophisticated travel destination.”  Life Style targets well-paid and well-educated female professionals in Beijing in the 25-45 age range. The final feather in this cap came from Travel Agent, a key monthly travel-trade publication. Here, Canada was named “the best marketing destination,” which will have caught the eyes of the many travel agents and travel-industry experts who read the magazine each month.
  • The CTC-South Korea office has received deserved acclaim for its work from two leading travel-trade publications. The Korea Travel Times designated CTC the best long-haul international tourism organization, beating out Switzerland and Hawaii.  The Korea Travel Times noted CTC-South Korea’s aggressive and innovative partnerships with industry, desire for practical results and support for product development. Shortly after, the Korea Travel News named CTC-South Korea as joint winner, alongside Hong Kong, of its True Partner Award for the best international tourism organization. CTC’s efficient communication, support for product development and being the social-media management leader helped it stand out from the rest of the tourism crowd.



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