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New faces and new roles in CTC’s senior management.

Jon Mamela steps into the breach as chief marketing officer, while Rupert Peters assumes role of interim vice-president, International.

02 January 2014

The new year is heralding change. Following the appointment of Greg Klassen as the Canadian Tourism Commission (CTC)’s interim president and CEO, there have been further temporary changes to CTC’s senior management structure.   

  • Jon Mamela is stepping aside from his previous role as vice-president, International to take new responsibilities as interim chief marketing officer, reporting to Mr. Klassen.
  • Rupert Peters, currently regional managing director, Core Markets, is assuming the mantle of interim vice-president, International, with responsibility for both Core and Emerging Markets (except China). Mr. Peters will remain based in the London office and continue to oversee the UK team and CTC’s general sales agents in Australia, France and Germany.
  • With the pending departure of Paul Nursey in mid-January, CTC will launch a competition for a new vice-president, Strategy and Corporate Communications, later in 2014.

The federal government, working alongside CTC’s Board of Directors, has begun the process to find CTC’s next permanent president and CEO (the position is appointed by Governor in Council). Mr. Klassen’s interim appointment is effective for 90 days, according to the terms of the Canadian Tourism Commission Act.



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