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Instagram leads to instant fame for Canada.

CTC first-ever Instagram FAM trip to Yukon was a social-media smash hit.

29 August 2013

Instagram has stolen much of the social-media limelight, especially with its recent introduction of 15-second videos. This summer was the perfect moment for the Canadian Tourism Commission (CTC) to use it for the first time as the basis for a nine-day FAM (familiarization) tour that brought four top Instagrammers and a leading videographer to Yukon.

The famous five (Michael Oneal, Paul Octavious, Rebecca Finch, Alex Strohl and Romain Leclerc) explored the territory, which included a glacier tour by helicopter, learning how to pan for gold and the wonders of the summer solstice within the Arctic Circle, connecting with locals along the way. Using the hashtags #Yukon1x1 and #ExploreCanada, their images, videos and stories were a smash hit on Instagram, yielding more than 750,000 “likes” from fellow Instagrammers captivated by their Canadian content.

Travel Yukon teamed up with CTC to support the road trip.

CTC’s new social-media maple-leaf avatar, designed by Vancouver creative whiz Carson Ting (aka Chairman Ting), has garnered much praise. As part of this year’s Canada Day celebrations in Vancouver, BC, the designer created a giant mural of the avatar on a wall at Canada Place. Photos and an Instagram video captured the work during its 12 hours from start to finish, all widely shared on social networks with the #canadamural hashtag.


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Instagram is one of the best social media site that I am using. I am not a good photographer but with this social media app I can make my photographs more beautiful. http://printsocialpictures.com

Hello Peter,

A big part of the CTC strategy revolves around social media and working with social influencers. Research shows that social media (and Instagram in particular) are platforms that potential travellers visit to find inspiration for their trips. We work with media (including bloggers, photographers, writers, etc.) and our partners as much as possible to highlight Canada. We carefully look at each request we receive, however unfortunately due to the volume of interest, we are not able to work directly with everyone. Cheers.

It's a shame that CTC & Yukon decided that it is better to take Instagram photographers on a fam as opposed to tour operators who actually want to sell Yukon trips. I have a group that wants to go to the Yukon but I will not take them until I have personally seen the area. However, requests to Yukon Tourism do not even receive a response. Maybe social media will bring lots of visitors to the Yukon, I don't know, but I think it is not smart to ignore your travel partners.

OMGosh! Are there really 10 men for every gal in the Yukon? Gotta get me a horse and get over there but quick as a bunny. What's everybody think of the Instragram mural?
www.maydelory.wordpress.com Twitter account Geotravel