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Canada opens the door to more travellers from India and Brazil.

New federal government initiatives aim to make the visa process easier, boosting tourism and trade.

06 August 2014

*This article was revised on October 3*

Welcome to Canada and keep exploring! Citizenship and Immigration Canada has released details of new visa initiatives to help speed up and smooth over the process for travellers coming to Canada from Brazil and India.

The three initiatives are designed to significantly improve the number of travellers, thereby increasing both tourism and trade links with the two emerging markets. The Canadian Tourism Commission (CTC) helped with the reception of launch of the program at the Canadian High Commission in New Delhi, India, by bringing key trade and media influencers. Brazil’s program is currently in the pilot stage, but Mexico has the program in place already.

Citizenship and Immigration Minister Chris Alexander announced the program in New Delhi on July 7.

Here are the initiatives in full. There are subtle differences between each market:

Visas from India

  • Can+:  Any Indian traveller who can demonstrate having visited the US or Canada at least once over the past 10 years, with no adverse security or criminal history, will be able to obtain a Canadian visa without having to submit proof of economic solvency. These applicants will also benefit from expedited processing in India, with an average turnaround time of five days.
  • Multiple entries: Since February 2014, the vast majority of visas issued are for multiple entries (95%). Multiple-entry visas can be valid up to 10 years or up to the validity of the applicant’s passport.
  • Tourist Partner Program: Indian tourists who use travel agencies registered with the Canadian High Commission can now experience a fast, simplified visa application process.

Visas from Brazil (pilot program)

  • More convenience: Travellers can apply online (available in English or French) and/or visit one of two visa application centres in Sao Paulo or Brasilia.
  • Multiple entries: The vast majority of visas are for multiple entries. Multiple-entry visas can be valid up to 10 years or up to the validity of the applicant’s passport.


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