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The truth will out: our holiday-season quiz answers in full.

Occult and masonic architecture in Winnipeg, cutting the mustard for France and TED: did you get all 25 correct?

09 January 2014

The fairy lights are back in the box for another year and the turkey a distant memory. But how did you get on with the holiday-season highlight, the Canadian Tourism Commission (CTC) quiz? Bragging rights can still be yours if you proved your Canada travel knowledge with a full set of right answers.

It’s all about the experience
1) What is Cain’s Quest?
Answer: A 2,500-km-long snowmobile race in Labrador. Nights drop to 40 below! In 2014, the route will be 3,300-km-long.

2) The Montréal International Jazz Festival is the biggest in the world. True or false?
Answer: True. Guinness says so.

3) North America’s largest historical reconstruction was home to a 300th anniversary this year. Its name?
Answer: The Fortress of Louisbourg

4) Which legislative building offers a tour of its occult and masonic architecture?
Answer: Manitoba Legislative Building

5) Where is the world’s largest active sand dune?
Answer: Saskatchewan (Athabaska Sand Dunes)

Eat, drink and be merry (in Canada)
6) In 1994, which Canadian winery won “Best Chardonnay in the World” at the International Wine & Spirit Competition in London?
Answer: Mission Hill Family Estate, Okanagan Valley. A retest was called and Mission Hill won again.

7) What is the only indigenous spice to Canada?
Answer: Mustard. France is one of our biggest customers.

8) In Newfoundland, Nova Scotia and other Atlantic provinces, bologna in your lunch bag used to be a sign of wealth. True or false?
Answer: True. Lobster was a sign of poverty.

9) Two of enRoute’s top 10 new restaurants in Canada are in CTC headquarters’ home city, Vancouver, BC. Name them.
Answer: Pidgin and The Acorn.

10) In Nunavut, arctic char is a fire that won’t light. True or false?
Answer: False. It’s a fish, as delicious as sushi.

Experience winter fun
Multiple-choice time: can you correctly identify each of the five locations in the images in the gallery?

A) Québec Winter Carnival, Québec City

B) Glogg Station, Saskatoon

C) Igloofest, Montréal

D) Trappers Festival, The Pas
A is the correct answer

A) Beaufort Sea, Nunavut

B) Bow Lake, Icefields Parkway

C) Howe Sound, British Columbia

D) Nachvak Fjord, Newfoundland and Labrador

B is the correct answer

A) Diefenbaker Lake, Saskatchewan

B) Puvirnituq Snow Festival, northern Quebec

C) Ice Road, Northwest Territories

D) Beaver Tail Jamboree, Fort Simpson, NWT

C is the correct answer

A) Winterlude, Ottawa

B) World Pond Hockey Championships, Plaster Rock

C) Assiniboine River, Winnipeg

D) Vernon Winter Carnival, Vernon

A is the correct answer

A) Peak2Peak Gondola, Whistler

B) Halifax to Dartmouth Gondola

C) Aerial sightseeing tour around Parliament Hill, Ottawa

D) Northwest Passage Express, Beechy Island

A is the correct answer (that was a gimme)

Canada means business

16) TED recently announced it was bringing its 2014 and 2015 conferences to Vancouver, BC.  Which city hosted it previously?
Answer: Long Beach, CA

17) Which Vancouver venue housed the world’s press during the 2010 Olympic Winter Olympic Games?
Answer: Vancouver Convention Centre

18) What is Canada’s most popular/requested activity for incentive programs?
Answer: Fishing

19) Where in Canada would you find the country’s biggest convention centre?
Answer: Toronto, ON. The Metro Toronto Convention Centre boasts more than 600,000 sq ft (55,742 sq m) of meeting space and a 1,330-seat theatre.

20) What is the name of the CTC division charged with soliciting meetings, conventions and incentive travel?
Answer: Business Events Canada (that was too easy, surely)

The numbers game

21) In 2012, China surpassed which country to become Canada’s third-largest inbound overseas tourism market in terms of visitor spending?
Answer: Germany, whose travellers spent $416.6 million in Canada. Chinese visitors spent $485.6 million, up 19.2% over 2011.

22) Which CTC overseas market had the highest proportion of visitors to Canada aged 24 and under in 2012?
Answer: Mexico: 34% of total visitors from this market were aged 24 and under.

23) Summer is the busiest travel season in Canada. What proportion of all international visitors arrive in the three months of July, August and September?

A) 25%

B) 30%

C) 40%

D) 55%

Answer: C

24) Some travellers explore more of Canada than others during their visits. Of CTC’s international markets, overnight visitors from which country visited the most provinces during their stay in 2012?
Answer: China, with an average 1.65 province-visits per trip in 2012.

25) In 2012, the number of visitors from this country frequenting bars and night clubs during their trip to Canada surged 37%; so which market recently discovered Canada’s nightlife?
Answer: India



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