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Famous Japanese musician finds inspiration in Halifax, NS.

CTC-Japan teams up with Japanese national broadcaster to invite Haruomi Hosono on a Canadian journey he’ll never forget.

25 April 2012

The sinking of Titanic on April 14, 1912, left an indelible imprint on the world’s consciousness and thousands of evocative stories. The Japan office of the Canadian Tourism Commission (CTC) recently partnered with a film crew from national broadcaster NHK to create another inspiring tale.

Haruomi Hosono, grandson of the only Japanese survivor of that fateful day, came to Halifax, NS, to honour his grandfather and immerse himself in the local culture. Hosono, a famous musician in Japan and better known internationally as a member of the band Yellow Magic Orchestra, was particularly keen on learning and hearing more Celtic music.

Hosono had a busy agenda for his inspirational journey. He began with a visit to the church where the funeral service took place for the Titanic musicians (the band played on until the very end) as well as the cemetery where one of them was buried. The rest of the week was filled with great Canadian travel experiences, including meeting and connecting with local Halifax musicians, as well as exploring the city itself to enjoy the local food, lifestyle and culture.

NHK will broadcast the footage on May 31 June 7. The program, which captures the power of local music, is called “Empowering Journey: The Titanic and Eight Musicians—Haruomi Hosono visits Canada.” Hosono’s visit was picked up by other Japanese media, including Kyodo News and National Geographic Japan magazine.

Earlier in April, Team Canada ran its annual seminars for leading travel agents and tour operators in Fukuoka, Osaka, Nagoya and Tokyo. More than 400 local industry pros, including staff from JTB, H.I.S., Club Tourism and JalPak, took part. They all came away with the latest information on how to sell Canada as a destination as well as a plethora of new product ideas to help develop new itineraries. CTC’s Canada Specialist Program and Signature Experiences Collection® (SEC) both played major roles in the education.

Each attending Canadian province and territory gave a comprehensive presentation that included their latest local news. Team Canada’s cast list: CTC-Japan, Tourism British Columbia, Travel Alberta, Ontario Tourism Marketing Partnership Corporation, Tourism Prince Edward Island, Tourism Yukon and Tourism Northwest Territories.

(TV time edited May 11)


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Sorry Jeff - we don't know where that is, or how to steer you further. Good luck in your search.

Hi! I am Jeff Donaldson from the US. I would like to know what cemetery Masabumi Hosono grave is at.I hope you can help.(I Peter 5:7).