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US market set out on road to recovery in 2012.

After a buffeting by the recession, overall economic conditions began to pick up and stimulate outbound travel, according to new CTC Global Tourism Watch report.

26 September 2013

The US took a beating from the global economic downturn and was understandably slow to recover. However, conditions began to improve in 2012 and GDP is forecast to increase 3.1% by Q3 2013, says the latest Global Tourism Watch (GTW) summary report by the Research department of the Canadian Tourism Commission (CTC).

Some more key facts and figures:

  • Outbound travel from the US declined 2% a year since the global economic crisis began in 2008, but modest increases are anticipated for 2013.
  • Americans like to stay relatively close to home, taking more than half of their international trips in North America. Mexico is the No. 1 spot, while Canada scoops up 20% of the traffic, keeping the US as our country’s primary source market.
  • Since the majority (56%) of US travellers have already been to Canada, there is a lack of urgency to visit from this market.
  • Americans warm to the Canadian personality: Canada came second (behind Australia and France respectively) as being friendly and liberal, and our country took third spot in terms of being beautiful, informal and energetic (behind a combo of Australia, Italy and Mexico).
  • American travellers intending to visit Canada within the next two years have their sights largely set on three provincial giants: Ontario (68%), British Columbia (66%), and Quebec (52%).
  • Canada is strongly associated in American travellers’ minds with beautiful scenery, which sits top of their tourism experience wish list.
  • Most Americans travel independently, although 19% went on a cruise and 13% headed to an all-inclusive resort. Travel agent involvement is low (34%) in this market.
  • The majority of recent visitors to Canada are aged 55 or more, well-educated, retired and from high-income households.
  • Friends and relatives are a big draw for American travellers and are also the primary source of information on travel opportunities to Canada.
  • The most popular activity during trips was online trip planning, but Americans using smartphones to share their experiences via social networks is a growing trend to watch.

TNS conducts the Global Tourism Watch surveys for CTC. The company asks thousands of participants aged 18 and over from around the world for their views on Canada and CTC’s Canada. Keep Exploring tourism brand. The 2012 reports look to identify shifts in each market since 2007 via a substantially revised questionnaire.

Read the Global Tourism Watch 2012 US summary report.


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