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Domestic travel market expected to strengthen in Canada in 2011.

Rising travel costs could dampen results, says latest CTC Global Tourism Watch report.

04 October 2011

With the economy on the mend, appetite for domestic travel in Canada has had a good shot in the arm. However, with a strong Canadian dollar flexing its muscles, pent-up demand is pouring Canadian travellers over the border into the US, reports the latest Global Tourism Watch (GTW) summary for Canada published by the Research department of the Canadian Tourism Commission (CTC).

Some other key findings:

  • Rising travel costs are the main cloud on the domestic horizon, with airfares, gas prices and hotel rates all expected to climb in 2011.
  • After bidding a fond farewell in 2010 to LOCALS KNOW, CTC’s domestic marketing program, Canadian destinations and attractions need to take up the slack for promotion, especially to stem the tide of Canadians headed south across the 49th parallel.
  • Travellers in Atlantic Canada (68%) and Alberta (67%) have the most solid intentions to take a trip in Canada within the next year.
  • The US, Canada and Mexico remain the top three destinations for Canadians in terms of brand awareness for vacations. However, the UK and France have been bumped out of the top five by Cuba and Australia.
  • British Columbia (36%) is the most popular province for trips of four or more nights, leaving Ontario (14%), Alberta and Quebec (both 10%) trailing in its wake.
  • Many Canadians view travelling in this country as less affordable than visitors from the US or Mexico do, with airfares and travel package prices being the main culprits cited.
  • Never underestimate TV’s power: television remains the best channel for reaching out-of-region travellers, with ads (38%) and travel shows (36%) striking good chords.
  • Outdoor activities continue to tick more travellers’ yes-please boxes, while other products, including urban adventures and culinary experiences, are also gaining in popularity.

Harris/Decima Research conducts the Global Tourism Watchsurvey for CTC. The company asks thousands of participants aged 18 and over from around the world for their views on Canada and CTC’s Canada. Keep Exploring tourism brand. The sample was split evenly across six regions: British Columbia, Alberta, Manitoba/Saskatchewan, Ontario, Quebec and Atlantic Canada. The 2011 reports look to identify shifts in each market since 2007.

Read the Global Tourism Watch Canada 2011 summary report.

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