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Natural beauty gives Canada leading edge in German travel market.

German travellers greatly appreciate that Canada offers extraordinary personal travel experiences, reports CTC’s latest Global Tourism Watch.

13 May 2015

The Germans have rediscovered their wanderlust. Thirty-nine percent of German consumers plan to spend a little more on travel outside Germany in the next 12 months, which is good news for Canada, says the new Global Tourism Watch (GTW) Germany summary report by the Research department of the Canadian Tourism Commission (CTC).

More key facts and figures:

  • Canada’s strengths align closely with German long-haul travellers’ product interests.
  • The German economy has proven extremely resilient in the storm of the recent global economic crises. Its government has forecast 1.5% growth, a relatively weak figure caused by reduced demand in emerging economies.
  • Around one in 10 German long-haul travellers mention Canada or a destination within it when asked where they were seriously considering going to in the next two years.
  • British Columbia (75%), Ontario (66%) and Quebec (54%) are the must-see provinces for German consumers intending to visit Canada in the next two years.
  • Long-haul German tourists have researched Canada thoroughly: 31% rate their knowledge of vacation opportunities as excellent or very good.
  • The US is the big hitter in the German market: 27% of travellers took their last long-haul trip there, followed by the Caribbean (13%) and Thailand (10%).
  • Touring vacations are the most popular option for German travellers, but those aged 18 to 34 were more inclined to take a city break.
  • Email (28%) and social media (26%) are the top two ways German travellers share photos or videos while on vacation.
  • Help is at hand: 44% of German travellers used a travel agent to help book flights and/or accommodation in Canada.
  • Locations (43%) plus natural beauty and scenery (41%) are the two principal Canadian attractions for German travellers.
  • Money makes the world go round: the perception that Canada is too expensive is the primary barrier to German travellers taking a vacation here. The feeling is particularly acute among younger travellers (44%) compared with those aged 35 to 54 (25%).
  • Friends and family (29%) plus TV programs (24%) remain the biggest font of knowledge for raising awareness of Canadian destinations for German travellers.

TNS conducts the Global Tourism Watchsurveys for CTC. The company asks thousands of participants aged 18 and over from around the world for their views on Canada and CTC’s “Canada. Keep Exploringtourism brand. The 2014 reports better reflect current travel realities and gather more in-depth information via a substantially revised questionnaire.

Read the Global Tourism Watch 2014 Germany summary report.


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