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Long-term outlook for Brazil rich with opportunities.

Dynamic expanding economy and young population augur well for emerging South American tourism market, says CTC’s latest Global Tourism Watch report.

02 May 2012

Brazil has the makings of a winning formula (and not just for its soccer team). A booming economic climate, commodities in demand, youthful populace, low unemployment and optimism over the upcoming 2014 FIFA World Cup and 2016 Summer Olympic Games make long-term prospects rosy. Brazil is all set to become the world’s fifth-largest economy within the next 10 years, says the latest Global Tourism Watch (GTW) Brazil 2011 summary report hot off the cyber presses from the Research department of the Canadian Tourism Commission(CTC).

However, since the Global Tourism Watch survey took place in July ’11, the Brazilian economy has lost some of its zip, while rising inflation and high interest rates threaten to dampen long-haul travel demand.

Some other key findings:

  • The flourishing economy has stimulated salaries and the ranks of the Brazilian middle class, a group of highly acquisitive consumers who have their sights set on enjoying more long-haul travel.
  • British Columbia (91%) is the province with the greatest immediate potential to see more Brazilian travellers over the next two years, but Ontario (88%) and Quebec (82%) are snapping at its heels.  
  • Canada has a relatively low top-of-mind presence (15%) in Brazil, with the US and five other traditional European destinations hogging the headlines.
  • Uncle Sam is proving a formidable competitor to Canada in this travel market, pulling in a huge lead on unaided awareness. This situation could worsen over the next few years since the US Congress announced a pilot program to simplify and speed up the non-immigrant visa process compared with the Canadian version.
  • Brazilian consumers want to “do it all.” They enjoy a robust mix of cities, cuisine, culture and nature on their travels.
  • City experiences, especially those teamed with nature, offer hope for the future for Canada: travel is viewed as a status symbol in Brazil, so urban adventures mean travellers can splash the cash and pamper themselves shopping.
  • Television travel shows are the major source of information on Canada for Brazilians. In fact, this is the only market where travel/destination websites come in second place.

Harris/Decima Research conducts the Global Tourism Watchsurvey for CTC. The company asks thousands of participants aged 18 and over from around the world for their views on Canada and CTC’s Canada. Keep Exploring tourism brand. The 2011 reports look to identify shifts in each market since 2007. 

Read the Global Tourism Watch Brazil 2011 summary report.


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