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CTC publishes Global Marketing & Sales Plan 2012.

Focus on the need to boost international visitor numbers after dramatic shift in the profile of travellers in Canada.

13 September 2011

The Canadian Tourism Commission (CTC) has unveiled its Global Marketing & Sales Plan 2012. The plan puts Canada’s need to stimulate international visitation front and centre, and is a must-read across the Canadian tourism industry to help with preparation for next year.

With 80% of this country’s tourism revenue now coming from domestic travellers, Canada’s tourism industry risks becoming reliant on that supply of dollars instead of the money generated by big-spending international travellers. Over time, this will reduce Canada’s global competitiveness.

CTC developed a regional hub approach in 2011 to boost marketing consistency and effectiveness while staying alert to needs and opportunities cropping up in local markets. The focus— promoting Canada’s tourism brand in the markets and consumer segments with the highest potential return on investment: Brazil, China, India, Japan, Mexicoand South Korea (emerging/transitional markets) as well as Australia, France, Germany, the UK and US (core markets).

As an overview, the plan sifts through the various regional opportunities and challenges, the state of Canada’s key competitors, CTC’s global platform tools, the foundation of its sales and marketing approach and its three-channel market execution strategy. Each market is then broken down into situational analysis, execution and partnership opportunities.

“All 11 CTC markets benefit from a consistent approach that starts with insight-based research to guide activities, takes full advantage of consumer, trade and media channels in a manner most appropriate for local markets, relies heavily on partnering with international and Canada-based travel trade, propagates Canada’s tourism brand by marketing global creative and measures results,” says Charles McKee, CTC vice-president, International, in the plan’s foreword.

Read the Global Marketing & Sales Plan 2012 in full.

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