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Canada broadcasts its appeal to Japan.

New drama series and experiential summer campaign bring Canadian adventures to Japanese TV.

21 February 2013

Canada has what it takes to be big in Japan. The Canadian Tourism Commission(CTC) joined hands with Canadian industry partners to help Imagica BS return to these shores to film a new three-part drama series for Japanese TV in Yukon, which started airing today (Feb. 21).

The docu-drama, entitled “Friends of Yukon,” stars popular Japanese leading man Yukiyoshi Ozawa, who plays an author seeking motivation for his next book. Ozawa travels to the Yukon to visit a friend, who introduces him to a series of unique Yukon personalities. They introduce him in turn to the history and stories of the Yukon, which re-energize Ozawa and inspire his next novel.

“Friends of Yukon” follows the success last year of BS Imagica’s first Canada project with CTC, “Love…so do I,” which was filmed in Alberta. Japanese consumers can learn more about the docu-drama via a microsite. Other content on the site includes info on the Yukon, a link to CTC’s Japanese consumer website and a special Yukon tour package from JTB World Vacations.

Before the first episode hit Japanese screens, a press event introduced the lead actors to media, who told of their experiences filming in Yukon. The docu-drama will also air on BS Imagica’s partner network SkyPerfect TV March 1 as a three-hour special and on the new smartphone network, NOTTV.

This week also saw the main launch of CTC-Japan’s summer campaign, which features the Signature Experiences Collection® (SEC) and targets Explorer Quotient® traveller types Free Spirits and Cultural History Buffs. As well as experiential packages promoted online through CTC’s consumer website, TV also has a starring role in the campaign, including “Friends of Yukon” and a rescreening of “Love…so do I.”

Completing a top TV trio, BS Fuji starts an eight-part series on Canada on March 1 that focuses on trips in British Columbia, Alberta, Northwest Territories, Ontario and Prince Edward Island. The summer campaign isn’t confined to traditional media; a strong social-media component got Canada underway at the start of February.


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