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CTC refreshes Explorer Quotient® Toolkit for tourism businesses.

CTC’s market segmentation tool will help create compelling marketing to attract consumers.

11 September 2013

Build it, and they will come. The Canadian Tourism Commission (CTC) has refreshed its Explorer Quotient® (EQ) Toolkit for tourism businesses across Canada. EQhas revolutionized how Canadian travel experiences are developed, marketed and sold, giving tourism enterprises (small, medium or large) an ace in the hole in a competitive international marketplace.

EQ is derived from psychographics, an evolution of demographics. Here, the analysis centres on people’s beliefs, social values and view of the world, while still keeping the basic info on age, income, gender, family status and education level.

The EQ Toolkit shows businesses how to use EQ to develop, deliver and promote their experiences more effectively to consumers and get more out of their marketing dollars.

The new toolkit has seven modules:

“The refreshed EQ Toolkit is a must-have for Canadian tourism businesses large or small,” says Gloria Loree, CTC executive director, Global Marketing. “The international competition gets tougher each year, but the insights gained from EQcan keep our country’s exceptional experiences ahead of the pack.”

Download the EQ toolkit in full.


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