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CTC serves up new Culinary Journalism Award.

Partnership with Food Day Canada looks to celebrate journalistic excellence that conveys the abundance of Canada’s culinary experiences.

23 October 2011

There’s plenty of jostling for position for food awards. The list that includes Michelin’s three stars, Zagat’s ratings, Bon Appétit Awards and “Iron Chef America” has a new addition: the Culinary Journalism Award from the Canadian Tourism Commission (CTC) and Food Day Canada.

The award aims to commemorate content—published in the US—that captures the depth and excellence of Canada’s culinary experiences. Not just the food on the plate and eating it, but the tales of the producers, large and small, who make it happen.

“Award-winning local Canadian cuisine” is one of CTC’s five Unique Selling Propositions for Canada that help set this country apart from the international tourism competition. Anita Stewart’s Food Day Canadais the largest locavore event on these shores. During the last weekend in July, when the mid-summer harvest is in full swing, pro and home chefs, producers and hungry diners from across the country come together to celebrate local ingredients and culinary talent.

The new CTC/Food Day Canada new award has two categories: best written work in any medium and best photo essay, video or app. To enter (or to encourage someone else), here are the criteria for the submitted work:

  • Must have been published in the US or, in the case of online content, demonstrate that more than 60% of the audience is US-based.
  • Must have been published between Jan. 1, 2011 and Dec. 31, 2011.
  • Includes print, online, broadcast and culinary app.
  • Subject matter can be pan-Canadian or regional; specific food items or a full menu—but must clearly demonstrate the origin of fresh Canadian products and the journey to the table with an emphasis on the culinary experiences that could be enjoyed by visitors to Canada.
  • Must be published in English, between 250 and 1,500 words; or five to 40 images; or two- to 30-minute video.
  • Each of two winners will receive a cheque of $1,000.
  • Each winner provides complete rights to the CTC and Food Day Canada to use and re-publish except where the media outlet prevents such use.

There’s still plenty of time for submissions: the final deadline is Jan. 31, 2012. Pleasesend submissions, along with name, e-mail contact, place and date of publication or release as well as details about the audience or the users of the app to anita [at] fooddaycanada [dot] ca (Anita Stewart).

“Great local culture and landscape that inspire a passion for food are the main ingredients in Canadian culinary experiences,” says Gloria Loree, CTC executive director, Global Communications. “This new award will identify the stories, images and videos that truly capture the flavour of Canada.”


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