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CTC tempts New Yorkers with flavours of Quebec.

WABC weatherman Bill Evans hosts TV travel special highlighting delights of Montréal and Mont Tremblant.

10 March 2011

Showtime! The Canadian Tourism Commission (CTC) teamed up with local tourism partners to help WABC 7, a New York City ABC TV affiliate station, film a travel special around Montréal and Mont Tremblant, QC. Leading the way for WABC was popular weatherman Bill Evans, who thoroughly enjoyed tweeting his adventures around the province while filming.

The 30-minute special show “Weekend Getaway: Destination Montreal/Tremblant aired on Feb. 12. Prior to broadcast, WABC 7 also promoted the work through its Facebook and Twitter channels, plus more than 6,000 New York City taxicabs screened segments of the show as a taster. Evans is well known in the Big Apple area as the senior meteorologist for Eyewitness News in the Morning and Eyewitness at Noon.

Presenter and crew certainly had a packed itinerary. They got the ball rolling at the Montréal Biodôme, which steers visitors round the various ecosystems found in the Americas. After that, their schedule ticked all the urban experience boxes. Food? Scrumptious chocolate at La Maison Cakao, a smoked-meat lunch at Schwartz’s and a browse around Atwater Market. And you can’t go to this city without getting a taste of its famous jazz vibe such as at Upstairs Jazz Bar & Grill. Other highlights included shopping at Atelier Marie Saint Pierre, a glimpse of the real Montréal at Plateau Mont-Royal and the cool music at Igloofest. All capped off by a glorious all-day shoot at Mont Tremblant.

CTC’s partners for the project were Tourisme Québec, Tourisme Montréal, Tourisme Mont-Tremblant and Tourisme Laurentides.

“Our work at the 2010 Winter Games proved again and again the power of TV to show and tell the thousands of great experiences Canada has on offer,” says Gloria Loree, CTC executive director, Global Communications. “We’ve continued to build on the relationships we established with those broadcasters, and have developed other valuable ones such as this to help tell those tales.”



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