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CTC-sponsored Banff Mountain Film Festival takes off in Australia.

Movies featuring exploration and adventure capture the heart and soul of mountain sports and culture.

04 May 2011

Reach for the skies in Australia: the Banff Mountain Film Festival World Tour has gotten underway. As the representative of a country with more than its fair share of mountain sports and culture, the Canadian Tourism Commission (CTC) is one of the principal sponsors alongside Adventure Reels of a movie festival treat bringing to life the adrenaline rush of mountain sports and culture.

The tour took flight in Perth on April 27 before heading for 14 more cities and towns across Australia, with 31 screenings in all. There are two new stops compared with last year’s tour: Katoomba and Darwin. The tour concludes its Australian sojourn at Albury on June 29. In total, the tour takes its adrenaline ride to more than 30 countries worldwide.

Confirmed films for the Australia part of the world tour include: 

  • Dream Result” – A group of athletes has a singular ambition: to go to the edges of possibility. Their quest takes them to Norway, Argentina and the US and includes some spectacular waterfalls.

  • Last Paradise” – In off-the-beaten-track New Zealand, a group of maverick kids felt free to dream. “Last Paradise” relives the journey of these extreme sports pioneers over 45 years. 

  • Life Cycles” – Think you know bicycles? Think again. This Canadian celebration of life on two wheels is simply stunning.  

As a principal sponsor, CTC will screen some of our short user-generated adverts featuring Canada before each screening. There’s also a double-page spread of Canada-related editorial in the festival magazine, as well as posters and brochures at the cinemas to provoke more consumer curiosity. 

“After a successful run in the UK at the start of 2011, we hope the same mix of mountain thrills and spills will capture Australian imaginations from Sydney to Darwin,” says Rupert Peters, CTC regional managing director, Core Markets. “Canada offers an extraordinary range of mountain experiences for travellers, in summer or winter.”

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