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CTC puts Canada on South Korean summer itineraries.

New campaign highlights range of Canadian travel experiences for consumers.

23 May 2011

It’s time to refresh those summer plans. The Canadian Tourism Commission (CTC) has just launched its latest campaign in South Korea, one of our key 11 international markets.

This consumer campaign has a broad focus, with advertising spread across newspapers (such as Chosun Ilbo), magazines (including Style Chosun, M Premium, Forbes and Money Magazine) and online platforms (such as Naver). Consumers out and about in Seoul will also catch a further glimpse of Canada, with ads on airport limousines and in beauty salons. All the ads direct consumers to the campaign microsite, which will showcase travel experiences and partner offers.

Target audience? Travellers with a yen for nature and urban adventures, as well as those wanting to find out more about Canadian food and culture. The latest Travel Characteristics report from (CTC)’s Research department pointed to a 15% year-on-year surge in spending by South Korean travellers in Q3 2010—an encouraging sign for the future that this campaign aims to tap into.

Our partners for this latest campaign in South Korea were Tourism British Columbia, Travel Alberta and Air Canada. The campaign will run until mid July.

CTC-South Korea has also recently undertaken a pilot Explorer Quotient (EQ) campaign with Hanatour and Modetour. We targeted advertising at specific EQ types to discover which were more receptive to learning more about different kinds of experiences.

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