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CTC invites Chinese consumers to say hello to Canada.

First consumer campaign in China since ADS agreement has a personal touch.

16 February 2011

The Canadian Tourism Commission (CTC) has just launched Canada’s first major consumer-focused advertising campaign in China. “Say hello to Canada” aims to introduce Canada to potential Chinese travellers in the same open, informal way as making a new friend. 

The objective is to generate interest in Canada as a leisure destination in the world’s most rapidly growing outbound tourism market. The campaign is CTC’s first in this market since 2010’s official signing of the Approved Destination Status (ADS) agreement between the Chinese and Canadian governments.

Advertising for “Say hello to Canada” will feature heavily online, including key social-media platforms such as Kaixin, video-sharing sites such as Youku, search engines and micro blogs as well as travel, lifestyle, news and culinary websites. There will also be ads in leading newspapers and travel or lifestyle mags, such as Shanghai Weekly, The Bund and National Geographic. To pique Chinese interest further, an online game will have prize trips to Canada at stake.

“We are aiming primarily at affluent and well-educated 25- to 34-year-olds in this initial campaign,” says Derek Galpin, CTC managing director China/India. “Our research shows that they are the most inclined to long-haul travel and then to get out and explore Canada once they arrive.”



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Interesting approach but the Chinese prefer to travel in organized groups, and will usually travel with an organized tour company rather than alone (which is much different than the majority of North American travelers). So, rather than using traditional online ads, a more successful approach would be to target companies who could organize tours to Canada.

These companies would then handle the local marketing for you. Might be more difficult in the short run but would be more successful in the long run.

better target to 25-50 years old as most parents pay the young kids for overseas travels in China