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Bloggers of the world—unite (in Canada)!

Innovative CTC program creates advocacy for travel to Canada in seven international markets.

06 September 2012

The Canadian Tourism Commission (CTC) has assembled a team of 19 bloggers drawn from eight different countries to explore Canada and tell their travel tales. Travelling from coast to coast to coast, the bloggers are seeking the unique, behind-the-scenes stories of Canada that don’t show up in traditional brochures and marketing.

The Cross-Canada Blogger FAM tour is a truly global initiative, with participants hailing from Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Japan, South Korea and the UK. They have a full list of activities to choose from, including festivals, food, culture, urban lifestyles, outdoor adventures and First Nations heritages. The bloggers are spread out across the country, taking in the delights of Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick, Quebec, Saskatchewan, Alberta, British Columbia and Toronto.

Meet the bloggers in full: Eleonore Bridge (France), Micaela Braithwaite and  Yuichi Takasaka (Japan), WonGoo Kang and Yoonmi Park (South Korea), Candice Walsh, Corbin Fraser, Kris Krug and Jen Twyman(Canada), T. Michelle Murphy (US), Adam Groffman (US and Germany), Niamh Shields, Frankie Bird and Paul Steele, (UK), Fred Marvila (Brazil), , Romy Mlinzk (Germany), Paul Hansford (Australia), Preeti Verma Lal (India).

Follow their stories on their blogs, Twitter accounts, Instagram and more, with the relevant content being posted with the #explorecanada hash tag. At the same time, CTC is choosing a selection of their work and highlighting it on its Tumblr account.

“The global blogger FAM tour is an innovative way for us to build advocacy on a global stage,” says Kate Duffy, CTC manager, Social Media. “Their fresh take on Canadian experiences is already building more buzz about Canada in their countries.”

CTC’s industry comrades-in-arms for the Cross-Canada Blogger FAM tour are Tourism British Columbia, Travel Alberta, Tourism Saskatchewan, Tourisme Québec, Tourism Prince Edward Island, Tourism New Brunswick, Tourism Toronto, Tourism Saskatoon, Tourism Richmond and Tourism Vancouver.


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Thanks. Hopefully Manitoba is on the itinerary next go round.

Richard Magleo

We reached out to bloggers in China. Regrettably, none of the bloggers we targeted were able to come due to their already busy schedules. If we run the program again we will be sure to try to recruit again in this market.

Best, Kyoko

Where is Chinese travel blogger?

How about adding a travel blogger from New Zealand?

Hi Richard,
Thank you very much for your comment! The bloggers are going to the places we mentioned and their schedule is quite tight. We try to include as many places as possible in the itinerary (and as our country being so big and so many great experiences to cover!). We value your suggestion and hope to include as many great experiences in Canada for the future programs.

I'd love to show them Manitoba, if that's possible???

Richard Magleo