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CTC publishes its 2012-2016 Corporate Plan summary.

Alignment and innovation are key to mapping the future for Canadian tourism over the next five years.

29 March 2012

There’s no business like the tourism business. The Canadian Tourism Commission (CTC) has just published its 2012-2016 Corporate Plan summary: Harnessing innovation and alignment. The annual rolling strategic plan focuses on alignment and innovation, two areas that will keep Canada competitive against new tourism destinations with exotic tourism experiences that want their slice of the tourism pie.

The bedrock of the plan is CTC’s objectives and priorities for the next five-year period.


Innovation is a cornerstone of CTC’s work with the Signature Experiences Collection® (SEC) program, which was launched in 2011, and is a perfect example of this approach. Qualifying SEC members offer exceptional tourism experiences that are aligned with Canada’s tourism brand—Canada. Keep Exploring—and match what CTC research shows our customers are looking for on their wish lists.


The tourism landscape in Canada is broken into many pieces, making for a challenging environment. But Canada’s competitors are not domestic; they are in the international markets where CTC invests. CTC is committed to aligning federal support for international tourism marketing with the brand, promoting common return-on-investment measures for activities in those markets and raising awareness that Canadian destinations competing against each other in the international marketplace damages our effectiveness.

The 2012-2016 Corporate Plan summary details two corporate objectives:

  • Increase demand for Canada’s visitor economy
  • Focus on markets where Canada’s tourism brand leads and which yield the highest return on investment.

CTC intends to achieve these objectives by focusing on short-term and long-term potential maximum return on investment, engaging in effective tourism marketing, promotions and market development activities, concentrating on those geographic markets or consumer market segments where Canada’s tourism brand leads and converting high-yield customers by investing in the appropriate communication channels.

The CTC’s plan also has four key priorities for action:

  • Ensure customer relevancy and differentiate Canada
  • Advance a culture of innovation and entrepreneurial development among Canadian tourism businesses
  • Lead industry in international brand alignment and consistency
  • Foster organizational excellence.

These priorities will help position Canada’s tourism brand as one of the world’s leading experiential tourism brands, go a long way towards ensuring that the CTC is recognized as one of the most innovative tourism marketing organizations in the world, provide Canada with a unified voice internationally and so drive alignment in key markets, and help CTC to be continue to be a lean and scalable organization.

“To win in this business a national tourism organization has to read the market trends before anyone else, adopt the best marketing and national branding techniques and embrace a constantly evolving strategic vision to get the edge on tomorrow’s tourism trends,” says Michele McKenzie, CTC president and CEO, in the plan’s introduction.

Read the 2012-2016 Corporate Plan summary: Harnessing innovation and alignment in full.


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