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Competitive intelligence: international marketers hunt young adventurous travellers.

Tourism New Zealand targets adrenaline junkies, Dubai lures Instagrammers, while Visit Denmark hits the pedals.

05 November 2014

Heart-pumping, adrenaline-filled adventures make for wonderful stories. Small wonder then that international marketers are starting to target travellers with a daredevil spirit, especially among the youth segment.

Canada is rich in those experiences all-year round, from edgy winter sports to scaling via ferratas under the summer sunshine. The Canadian Tourism Commission (CTC) highlights those adventures to global thrill-seekers, one of the many ways in which we and our partners bring visitors to our country. Thanks as ever to the derring-do of our colleagues for helping to bring together this latest CTC News round-up.

  • Going to extremes: Tourism New Zealand hopes to attract adrenaline-chasing young travellers with its latest video, part of the “Five more from here” campaign. The 5X1NZ video features extreme athlete Chuck Berry taking part in five sports in one day, all designed to appeal to international youth: skydiving, snowboarding, mountain biking, bungee jumping and jet boating. The campaign is running in Brazil, Germany, Japan, the UK and the US.

  • Desert dreams: Dubai’s Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing is seeking to highlight the emirate to international travellers with an Instagram project. Twelve international Instagrammers spent four weeks in Dubai, following an itinerary devised by 12 local Instagrammers. Their experiences were shared on their own social networks, but are also being converted into a “#My Dubai Trip” TV series. Their trips included trying dune buggies, mixed martial arts and eating at top local restaurants.
  • Miami nice: Visit Florida has also targeted young travellers as part of its new set of initiatives. Florida will be part of the landscape of the “Ricky Carmichael’s Motocross Matchup” video game, plus the rider will promote Florida on social media and in public. Alanis Sophia, a former runner-up on the Orlando-based TV teen show “La Voz Kids,” has signed up as a brand ambassador. Nature lovers, shoppers and international visitors are also on Florida’s radar as it hopes to reach 100 million visitors per year. (2013 saw 93.6 million travellers come to the Sunshine State.). 
  • Saddle saw: Visit Denmark’s latest campaign looks to encourage travellers to get out and see the country via bicycle. The campaign’s emphasis is family-friendly adventure.

  • Hail fellows, and well met: Brand USA’s latest promotion targets international travellers as they land at airports across the country. Using local images and videos with a destination call-to-action plus welcoming messages, “Market the Welcome” looks to improve how travellers feel about the destination they picked. There are plans to add an educational element, detailing US visa and entry policies.

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