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Competitive intelligence: international marketing initiatives engage the senses.

VisitBritain hopes the chimes of Big Ben will lure visitors, New Zealand goes romantic and it’s time for a hug in New South Wales.

01 May 2014

Travel is an experience that engages all five human senses of sight, taste, touch, smell and hearing. Marketing campaigns strive to engage some of these sensations to inspire travellers to come hither. At Canadian Tourism Commission (CTC) HQ, we know that experiential travel in Canada is unmatched, and the legions of fans sharing their stories on social networks back that up.

Those social networks are also the first port of call for CTC News staff members digging for news on our international tourism competitors. Thanks as ever to our international colleagues, general sales agents and industry partners for filling the gaps in our knowledge. Caps duly doffed in their direction.

  • Feel the noise: VisitBritain unveiled a new £2.5-million campaign featuring iconic British sounds. The “Feel the Love” project captures sounds ranging from the chimes of Big Ben and the murmurs of a Wimbledon crowd to a cup of tea being poured and the beeping of a black London cab. Users can create their own version of the ad from a sound library along with a travel itinerary for a planned holiday, which can be shared with friends on VisitBritain’s LoveWall or via Facebook, Twitter or Weibo.


  • Love is in the air: Tourism New Zealand got a boost to the country’s image as a romantic, luxury destination when it became the location for the US prime-time TV show “The Bachelor” just before Valentine’s Day. The episode was secured through Tourism New Zealand’s media program and was leveraged on social networks for the American audience.
  • Big hug: Destination New South Wales looked to ignite Indian passion for the Australian state with a new campaign. Taking a Bollywood-theme, the campaign stirred Indians with friends or family in Australia to pay them a visit for “jhappi [hug] time.” The NSW initiative came at the same time as Tourism Australia’s big summer push in the South Asian market, using TV, out-of-home and online advertising to promote vacations Down Under.

  • Cheap as chips: Air New Zealand has teamed up with Tourism Zealand to attract senior nature lovers and adventurous young travellers from Japan via a cheap flight promotion. Using digital and print advertising, the six-month campaign has tickets at 30% off the normal price and aims to contribute to the airline’s goal to double visitation to Hobbit country by 2019.
  • Room with a view: Tourism and Events Queensland is looking for global social-media exposure with its latest campaign. The “Room 753” project has brought 22 bloggers, videographers and Instagrammers to tour the Aussie state. They then return to “Room 753” at Peppers Broadbeach on the Gold Coast to reflect upon and chronicle their tales.


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