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The Brits turn to American influencers for inspirational storytelling, Australia goes live and direct while Holland gets arty.

11 March 2015

Every picture tells a story, runs the old adage. However, in today’s fiercely competitive international tourism marketplace, consumers want more. Countries continually seek new and exciting ways to bring their destinations to the fore.

The Canadian Tourism Commission (CTC) has plans of its own to showcase Canada’s unique experiences and characters to the world in compelling ways, keeping us ahead of the game. A round of applause goes to our colleagues and partners for watching our rivals’ work to assist with this latest CTC News round-up.

  • O’er the hills and far away: VisitBritain’s latest campaign looks to remind international travellers, Americans in particular, of the UK’s rolling green landscape outside of the big cities. The “Countryside Collection” has three themes: Foodie & Boutique, Outdoor & Adventure plus Luxury & Culture. The content was curated by three north American influencers—Kirsten Alana, Rob Lloyd and Rachelle Lucas—plus itinerary ideas derived from their social-media followers.


  • Seeing is believing: Tourism Australia has taken an integrated approach to capturing Japanese travellers’ attentions. First of all, it asked Facebook users to recommend their fave Aussie destinations. On April 16-18, these same fans will get to watch those trips—based on the most popular destinations chosen for a three-day trip—unfold on YouTube in real time, on Facebook and on the campaign website.
  • Neighbourly ambition: Tourism New Zealand has kicked off its latest marketing campaign, which is primarily targeted at Aussies (or those “across the ditch”). “Every day a different journey” looks to highlight the hard-to-find experiences of the South Island including beaches, cycling, Maori culture plus food and wine. Yes, there is the obligatory Middle-earth section, too. The NZ $ 3-million campaign will last three years.
  • Painting by tourism numbers: Visit Holland has unveiled the latest videos in the third year of its marketing campaign. “Holland. The Original Cool” aims to show the funkier side of the country. Here, Dutch master painter Vincent van Gogh and his works form the campaign centrepiece.


  • Naming conventions: VisitBritain has asked Chinese visitors to suggest names for local spots as a way of raising interest in the UK as a tourism destination. The initiative forms part of the “GREAT names for GREAT Britain” campaign. Among the spots chosen were Stonehenge (Ju Shi Zhen; huge stone clusters), Cambridge (Jian Qiao; Sword Bridge) and Big Ben (Da Ben Zhong). Chinese fans of TV series “Sherlock” will be delighted to know its star, Benedict Cumberbatch, has been nicknamed Curly Fu in Mandarin.


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