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Competitive intelligence: international marketers seek summer supremacy

As the main tourist season approaches, the Scots call on their pipe bands to raise awareness while Georgia seeks a recipe for tourism success.

22 April 2015

The summer season is a major battleground for international tourism marketers, with millions and millions of dollars at stake. Each country seeks the campaign or new platform that will give it the edge and the primary attention of potential travellers.

With so many great experiences to choose from, Canada has its own natural advantage. The Canadian Tourism Commission (CTC) and our Canadian tourism partners delight at showing these off to global consumers.

This latest CTC News round-up comes courtesy of the vigilant eyes and ears of our colleagues, general sales agents and industry partners.

  • Bonny lads and lasses: Visit Scotland is targeting European and American summer travellers with its latest campaign. “Brilliant Moments” features three new TV ads that feature the country’s natural rugged beauty, golf, pipe bands and, of course, a wee dram or two.


  • Grub’s up: Explore Georgia is the latest destination to hitch itself to the culinary tourism bandwagon. Working with chef Hugh Acheson, its 2015 campaign focuses on top chefs, farm-to-table cuisine and agritourism.  Acheson also helped the organization with an Instagram takeover for a week to bring his own influence to bear.
  • C’est chic: Air France has brought a hint of the Parisian fashion shows to the skies with its new in-flight safety video. Six beautiful models walk passengers through the regular safety procedures. Even fastening a seatbelt will “elegantly highlight your waistline” it seems…


  • Money talks: The rising value of the Swiss franc in Europe in 2015 caused some head-scratching for Switzerland Tourism. The solution has been to target US travellers, who are enjoying a corresponding increase in the dollar’s purchasing power in the land of cheese and chocolate. A “Lights! Camera! Switzerland!” digital marketing campaign sought entries via social media for the chance to host a TV travel show. The winner will travel to Europe in June to film a “Grand Tour of Switzerland,” an hour-long show scheduled to be televised in North America in the fall.

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