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Competitive intelligence: new year brings fresh storytelling by tourism marketers.

Utah entices winter-sports fans, Brazil relives happy memories of the 2014 FIFA World Cup while Croatia seeks year-round popularity.

08 January 2015

A new year brings fresh perspectives and new opportunities. International tourism marketers have itchy feet, waiting to show off their new wares to eager travellers. The Canadian Tourism Commission(CTC) has some innovative plans for Canada for 2015 to keep our country ahead of the chasing pack.

However, we like to keep one eye on our competitors (it is a busy marketplace). Thanks again to our auld acquaintances, colleagues and partners for the information that built this CTC Newsround-up.

  • Snow joke: The Utah Office of Tourism has made a big push with its latest winter promotion. The “Find Your Greatest” campaign looks to inspire winter-sports enthusiasts to head to Utah to find “the greatest snow on earth.” The campaign website features testimonies from pro skiers, snowboarders, models and locals.


  • You’ve been framed: Visit Brasil turned Instagram photos into illustrations as part of its latest social-media campaign. Curators sifted through images posted using the #visitbrasil hashtag to choose more than 250 suitable for an easel. The finished articles were then sent to the photographers.
  • A country for all seasons: The Croatian National Tourist Board hopes to attract more visitors to the Balkan country with its new initiative. Croatia 365 highlights various experiences in 22 regions, such as cycling, skiing and mountaineering, that are available beyond the peak summer season that attracts almost two-thirds of the annual visitor total.
  • Family ties: British Airways has used powerful emotional storytelling in its latest campaign to appeal to Indian consumers. “The Welcome of Home” tells the true story of Chitra, who lives in Toronto, ON, and her journey back to see her grandmother to get her blessing to get married. Heartstrings are duly tugged.

  • Two sides of the same coin: The Tourism Authority of Thailand took a brave step with its latest foray into content marketing. A new video entitled “I hate Thailand” follows the story of an English traveller in the country who loses his bag, passport and money, leading him to say he hates Thailand. Over time, he learns the local language and culture (a beautiful Thai girlfriend helps here, too) and falls in love with the country. It’s notable that the video is unbranded or obviously linked to a marketing organization and just appears as a story on YouTube.


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