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New Zealand looks to lure youth and business travellers, while Australia puts its cuisine back on travellers' menus.

28 November 2013

“Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer.” Although tourism may seem a long way from Sun-Tzu’s The Art of War, international marketers are discovering the great merit in working with perceived rivals close to home.

The Canadian Tourism Commission (CTC) and its partners are also always on the lookout for fresh ways to form partnerships. So we’re constantly in the international travel marketplace, building networks, sealing deals and scoping out underlying trends.CTC News staff says thanks again to our teammates, general sales agents and industry partners for sharing the latest buzz.

  • Young, free and seeking adrenaline: Tourism New Zealand used the carrot of a chance to win a week’s holiday as the latest stage in its “Young Adventurers” campaign in Japan. The youth travel market is heating up globally as marketers scramble to carve out a piece. Tourism New Zealand also signed a memorandum of understanding this past September with HIS Travel, Japan’s main youth travel seller.
  • Modern gourmets: Tourism Australia has decided to ditch the old culinary image of tossing shrimps on the barbie while reaching for a cold stubbie from the icebox in favour of a country rich in exotic dining, mouth-watering produce and fine wine. Its new campaign, Restaurant Australia, aims to improve the Australian culinary perception in many of its key markets, including the US, Germany, Japan and South Korea. With Wine Australia as a principal partner, international consumers will see Aussie reds and whites featured in future promotions.
  • Close to home: Brand USA has forged a new partnership with Air Canada to lure Canadians south of the border. The multi-media campaign, which uses print, digital, radio and billboard advertising, uses classic images such as the Statue of Liberty, sandy beaches and pink flamingoes. 
  • Fly guys: Tourism Australia’s activity did not stop there, no sirree. It teamed up with Air New Zealand for an AUS$1-million campaign to lure North American travellers Down Under. The campaign featured special economy fares to major Aussie and Kiwi cities, with the promotional message reinforced by 10 influential American bloggers taking a FAM trip.
  • Suited and booted: Not content with carving out a bigger piece of the youth market, Tourism New Zealand wants to attract more business travellers, too. A new business events campaign, “100% Pure New Zealand—Beyond Convention,” is built around luring associations and conference organizers by combining economic sectors, such as marine, aviation and health science, with New Zealand’s nature and convention facilities.


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