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Competitive intelligence: tourism giants battle it out for premium travellers.

Tourism New Zealand has spruced up its campaign, while Brand USA and VisitBritain look to Asia and Australia.

13 November 2013

The international tourism marketplace is a constant whirl of activity. New campaigns, new ideas and new platforms jostle for dollars and consumers’ attention. And there’s always a player with an ace up the sleeve.

Canada is a forceful presence in this marketplace via the Canadian Tourism Commission (CTC) and its partners. But we always need to keep track of our rivals, so the CTC News radar is never switched off. Humble bow again to our teammates, general sales agents and industry partners for helping uncover the stories.

  • There be (no) dragons: Tourism New Zealand has given its 100% Middle-earth, 100% Pure New Zealand campaign a new look. This time around, the Kiwis are targeting special-interest (such as those who enjoy golf, cycling, fishing and hiking) and “premium” travellers, via a series of cinema, print, online and outdoor ads. Premium, high-end travellers—those who think nothing of spending $2,500 a day— are a new focus for Tourism New Zealand, which is spending NZ$20 million over the next four years to try and entice them Down Under.


  • China in their hands: Brand USA has launched its consumer campaign in this Asian emerging market. The campaign comprises consumer marketing, a special website and advocacy via the three Chinese pillars of social media—Sina Weibo, Tencent and Youku. During the summer, Brand USA also ran a “This Land. Your Lens” contest in Brazil, Japan and South Korea, which encouraged consumers to share their American travel photos for the chance to win a digital camera.
  • Kangaroo route: VisitBritain has teamed up with Virgin Atlantic and London & Partners on a new promotion to lure Australians to the UK. Online ads in major newspapers and travel-trade media publications, plus Facebook, offer special fares to London and a bonus trip to Manchester, Edinburgh or Aberdeen.
  • The sincerest form of flattery: Tourism Ireland is getting ready to promote the Wild Atlantic Way, a coastal driving route around the Celtic island aimed at attracting independent travellers from March 2014 onwards. The route is based around 50 Signature Experiences (where have we heard that term before?), such as ancient forts, beaches, local artists and traditional seaweed baths.


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