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Competitive intelligence: home is where the heart is for international tourism marketers.

Australia highlights its own sun-drenched beaches, while England dares its tourists to grin and bare it.

19 September 2013

Despite setting their sights on potential travellers from far-flung lands, the international tourism marketplace also tends to domestic markets. Canadians, too, delight in extolling to the world the virtues of their own country, as shown by the “Canada. Shared by Canadians” project last year, for which we at the Canadian Tourism Commission (CTC) were proud to act as cheerleaders.

CTC News has scoured the social networks for this latest update on the global travel industry, aided and abetted by our teammates, general sales agents and industry partners. Thanks; the next round is on us.

  • Back home in the outback: Tourism Australia has unleashed a new AUS$ 3.5 million ad campaign, this time aimed at Aussie consumers to persuade them to take their next beach holiday in Oz. The campaign was inspired by research showing that families rated Australian beach holidays as more memorable than those taken overseas. Overall, Australians currently take 10 times more trips domestically than internationally. This campaign comes on the back of Tourism Australia’s latest promotional video sweeping international markets.


  • Letting it all hang out: Visit England highlighted some places for the more adventurous naturist travellers this summer, including nudist beaches, a special trip around London Zoo or clothes-optional days at Abbey House Gardens (careful with those pruning shears!).
  • Young at heart: Brand USA has dipped its toes for the first time in the youth travel market, signing a US$4 million two-year deal with STA Travel. Based around a competition to win a road trip to the US, the joint online campaign is underway in the UK, parts of Europe, Asia, Australia and South Africa. STA Travel hopes to boost global sales to the US 30% during the campaign.
  • Come fly with me: Tourism Australia has cemented a new AUS$6 million joint marketing deal with Air New Zealand. The three-year deal takes aim at prospective travellers from New Zealand, China and North America.
  • Caught on the web: Tourism New Zealand is hoping to attract American adventure seekers by leveraging the content from the web TV show Yahoo! “Clean Break.”The show gives everyday consumers an adrenaline-fuelled experience, such as bungee jumping and sailing, in places such as Auckland, Rotorua and Queenstown. The show’s adventurous message was backed by an online ad campaign.


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