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Competitive intelligence: out with the old and in with the new for Canada’s tourism challengers.

Rihanna gets flirty to boost Barbados, Switzerland on the rocks in the UK plus new campaigns to usher in 2013.

10 January 2013

There’s no danger on any “auld” acquaintance being forgotten in the highly competitive international tourism marketplace. One of the main new-year resolutions for CTC News is to keep an ever-vigilant eye on Canada’s tourism rivals. The Canadian Tourism Commission (CTC)’s friends in the field—colleagues, partners and general sales agents—remain 2013’s prime info sources.

  • Olde country, new ambition: VisitEngland has eight marketing campaigns up its sleeve already for 2013. Funded by £2 million of government money and partners’ contributions, the campaigns will cover four themes: coastal, countryside, culture and heritage. It’s the second phase of a three-year project that aims to inspire more Brits to take their holidays at home and rack up an extra £365 million in tourism spending.
  • Chip off the old block: Switzerland Tourism brought five huge blocks of ice to London, UK, in November as a winter promotion. Inside each block were 75 prizewinning codes, with one sending the recipient on a Swiss winter holiday. Ski instructors stationed by the blocks handed out codes to other prizes.
  • Pop goes the Caribbean: The Barbados Tourism Authority has partnered with pop megastar Rihanna for its latest campaign. Banking on the social-media pulling power of one of the island’s favourite daughters (62 million likes on Facebook, 27 million Twitter followers and 63 million Tumblr followers), the campaign uses a series of images of her on Twitter and Instagram tagged with the hashtag #barbados.
  • Smile please: Tourism Fiji has unveiled its new global slogan. “Fiji—where happiness finds you” is designed to capture the spirit of the country and its people.
  • Deal them in: Tourism Australia has inked a new three-year marketing partnership with China Eastern Airlines. The AUS $9 million deal is another sign of Australia’s determination to carve off more of the growing China market, with over 600,000 Chinese consumers going Down Under each year.

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Hi - Good thought; we try to include those if and when we see them, such as the big US campaign last year. Much depends on the info that comes in, so if you have any current examples, I'm happy to add them in for another time.
cheers, Mat

Would have been useful to see who(coutries,states) is targeting Canada's domestic market with good creative marketing campaigns.