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Competitive intelligence: goodbye 2013, and thanks for everything.

Australia sets its sights on the youth market, while Qatar uses soccer stars to boost its tourism reputation.

31 December 2013

We may be drawing the final curtains on 2013, but the hum of activity in the international tourism marketplace did not let up. CTC News monitored the latest work being shown around the world, sifting the wheat from the chaff for one last round-up. Thanks as usual to our colleagues and partners around the globe for their contributions to help us ring in the new.

  • Waxing lyrical: Tourism Australia has used poet Bravo Child’s talents in a new video designed to tap into the youth travel market. “Be Changed” uses sweeping panoramic shots of Australia’s nature and culture to help convey the message.



  • Soccer crazy: Controversy has dogged the decision last year to award Qatar the hosting rights for the 2022 FIFA World Cup. The small oil-rich Arab state is now flexing its mighty financial muscles to promote tourism, to the tune of an $800 million publicity campaign over four years that ties the Qatar Tourism Authority (QTA) with Paris Saint-Germain, a leading French soccer team. The promotion began with giant billboards around Paris showing PSG stars such as Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Edinson Cavani and Thiago Silva in front of Qatari destinations. With all that money to play with, expect more to come in this campaign.
  • Crete expectations: although Greece is still shrouded in economic misery, Incredible Crete has done its best to lift the gloom with a series of tongue-in-cheek videos that highlight the island’s history, hospitality, metallurgical skills and… oranges. Apparently the citrus fruit is particularly tasty there.



  • Tales from the riverbank: Kerala Tourism used a Twitter campaign to highlight its water-centric tourism experiences. A camera mounted on a remote-controlled helicopter took aerial photos that were loaded onto the “GreatBackWaters” website. However, at the start of the campaign the photos were masked by tiles with the Twitter icon. Every time a consumer tweeted about Kerala’s backwaters, using the hashtag #GreatBackWaters, a tile opened on the photo. The campaign aimed to put this southwest Indian state’s backwaters into the same tourism bracket as the Grand Canyon.
  • Safety stars: In case you missed it, Virgin America’s airline safety video has proved a social-media smash hit. Full marks for the choreography.


  • Identity parade: Sweden has rolled out a new country brand, complete with its own new font, Sweden Sans. The new brand is based around the Swedish flag and the country’s name in Swedish (Sverige).

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