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27 June 2013

Summer in the city is one of the great calls to action and still resonates with holidaymakers now. It’s a tourism area that attracts keen competition, but Canada is happily blessed with many vibrant urban centres to attract those travellers. And we at the Canadian Tourism Commission (CTC) are delighted to share their stories.

While the mercury rises outside, CTC News stays in the shade to keep a watchful eye on the latest trends in the international tourism arena and share them with the Canadian tourism industry. Our special agents are our colleagues, industry partners and general sales agents. Danke schön!

  • British sang froid: the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority is trying to convince buttoned-down Brits to leave their stiff upper lips at home and head to Nevada for a good time. The tongue-in-cheek campaign has used TV, online and print advertising as well as posters at London Underground stations and Heathrow Airport.

  • Tales to tell: Destination New South Wales hopes its new range of China blogger videos will entice travellers from the giant emerging market to pick the Australian territory as their next destination. The videos, in Mandarin with English subtitles, showcase not just Sydney but the food, fashion, wine and nature nearby. Destination NSW has also launched iKatch, an online fishing series, to tempt keen Chinese anglers.
  • Land of Dreams, take three: Brand USA has teamed up with Expedia in the third of phase of its grand campaign to encourage British travellers to the good ol’ US of A. The campaign used TV advertising extensively, with the hook: “Discover this land, like never before.”
  • Asian audience: Tourism Australia is hoping to gain plenty more Japanese visitors after a new project that stemmed from its Asia Marketing Fund. A four-part TV travel series screened on BS-Asahi, “Best 10 Experiences in Australia ranked by Japanese,” looked to the cachet of its celebrity participants and host (Masaru Nagai, Moe Oshikiri and Yukie Sakai) to build awareness and desire to travel to four destinations: Cairns, the Gold Coast, Sydney and Uluru. 

  • Summer in the city: what do 500 bus shelters, a new Tumblr blog (The British Guide to NYC) and social-media engagement have in common? Answer: an advertising blitz led by NYC & Company, American Express and Brand USA to tempt Londoners over the Atlantic to visit the Big Apple. But will the cockney costermongers bite?


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