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Competitive intelligence: global marketers tap consumers’ funny bones in new videos.

Air New Zealand blends rugby and winter sports, while Holland focuses on the cool side of Rotterdam.

02 October 2014

Ha-ha, hee-hee, ho-ho: humour is a great way to imprint stories in people’s memories and is therefore a powerful tool in international tourism marketing—as long as the jokes are funny, of course.

Canadians are known for their excellent sense of humour and we at the Canadian Tourism Commission (CTC) are always game for a laugh. Thanks to our mirth-loving colleagues, partners and general sales agents for helping find the stories for this latest CTC News round-up.

  • Egg chasers: Air New Zealand’s latest ad blends humour alongside the country’s passion for rugby and winter sports. Great fun—so who is going to make the Canadian hockey equivalent?


  • Steel City revival: Visit Pittsburgh is looking to capitalize on being named one of the Travel Channel’s top 10 “All-American vacations of 2014.” Its new campaign features ads across the media spectrum, from print, mobile and online to social media. The campaign video was first revealed to New Yorkers in Times Square during the summer.


  • Eye candy: Gold Coast City in Australia is the latest tourism destination to invest heavily in visual splendour. It commissioned cinematographer Joe Capra (not related as far we know to the Frank Capra) to take 120,000 photos and turn those into a four-minute time-lapse video that shows off the city’s beaches and park-lands.


  • Chilling out by the canals: Visit Holland has released the third part of its “Original Cool” campaign, this time with a focus on Rotterdam, which was one of the New York Times 52 places to visit in 2014. The video highlights the city’s architecture, cuisine, art and its port, the biggest in Europe. But Holland as the world’s first cool place? You decide…


Name of the game: VisitDenmark has come up with a neat way of helping travellers to identify correctly on social media the places they visit. A series of popular landmarks around the country now have signs that include specific hashtags. #Coolbeans

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