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Holland moves beyond the clogs and cheese, while Bollywood stars turn to Australia for a new movie soundtrack.

11 July 2013

Self-deprecating humour tickles the funny bone of many international travellers. And although working in the dog-eat-dog world of international tourism is a serious business, Canada and the Canadian Tourism Commission (CTC) enjoy a good chuckle along with the best of them. Our “Canada. Shared by Canadians” project last year certainly brought the smiles.

CTC News has front-row seats in the global tourism marketplace in order to bring back highlights of the best work by our rivals. Our stand-up sources are our colleagues, general sales agents and industry partners. Gracias!



  • Bollywood calling: Tourism Australia tempted two of the biggest names in the Indian film biz, Farhan Akhtar and Vidya Balan, Down Under to record a smoochy soundtrack for their upcoming movie “Shaadi Ke Side Effects.” The movie and its music will highlight Australian tourism experiences to an Indian market with a rising appetite for them. The film is scheduled for worldwide release in December 2013.
  • Feat of clay: Visit England is pouring £4 million into its summer campaign to persuade Brits to stay at home and enjoy their own green and pleasant land. The “Great Adventure” campaign is being led by Wallace and Gromit, the claymation TV stars, in contrast to last year’s much-criticized effort that relied upon Stephen Fry and Julie Walters.


  • Fore! Get those mashie niblicks ready: Tourism New Zealand is working on a long-term strategy to attract consumers who like to pack their golf clubs while travelling. Tourism New Zealand has pinpointed golf as a special-interest sector due to its level of high-yield travellers and its potential for growth.


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