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Competitive intelligence: international destinations look to sway travellers’ choices.

Holland experiments with fresh video content to attract tourists, while New Zealand adds fresh gloss to its long-running campaign.

22 July 2015

International tourism marketing success needs different strokes for different folks. Destinations ceaselessly try to find the right travel experiences to match the right traveller types, a skill Destination Canada (DC) and its Canadian tourism partners have proven to be rather good at.

The competition for tourism dollars is fierce, and getting fiercer as some major economies emerge from their long slumber. This latest Destination Canada News round-up, with its intel hand-picked by colleagues and industry partners, lifts the lid on the latest global projects.

  • Short cuts: Visit Holland is experimenting with a series of quickfire videos that showcase different parts of the country, ranging from simple pleasures such as waking up in the morning to cities and beach life. The #ThisisHolland YouTube series also includes traditional Dutch food like raw herring, apple pie with cinnamon and bitterballen. Visit Holland is promoting the videos heavily on social media and its websites.


  • Beyond the bananas: Ecuador Tourism has launched the second phase of its North America campaign. “All you need is Ecuador” aims to show that the range of geographical and cultural experiences the country has to offer mean travellers need look no further. The integrated TV, online and print campaign also has a presence on social media: artists, filmmakers and singers share their stories on the campaign website and on their own social networks. The campaign comes on the back of the Ecuador Tourism Super Bowl ad earlier this year, the first-ever foreign-sponsored ad at the football showpiece.


  • Evolution not revolution: Tourism New Zealand has refreshed its “100% Pure New Zealand” campaign. New typography, a new logo and fresh images form the backbone of the latest iteration of this tourism marketing campaign that’s now 16 years old.


  • Politeness pays: France is aiming for 100 million visitors per year by 2020 and believes the simple key to that goal is to be nicer to tourists. The French Ministry of Foreign Affairs says France struggles with a reputation for rudeness, so is looking to keep more shops and restaurants open on Sundays, for border police to have a friendly word for arriving visitors and for more videos and signs to be in multiple languages, so as to be more welcoming.


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Thanks for your comments Ivan, you've raised some good points. Cities are definitely one of Canada's strengths that we intend to highlight more, and although we don't have parallel videos to Holland, we've brought leading bloggers, videographers and Instagrammers to Canada who have created content that is even more compelling :)

Keep Exploring - Mat

Do we have videos like Holland etc. I was recently in Spain and saw tour companies with pictures of the Rockie, Mounties etc in their windows. While this is important wish you'd place more emphasis on Canada's fun cities. For example, Toronto's Dundas Square. Also the city destiantion highlighted at the top of your site make reference to Niagara-on-the-Lake, where I live though no refernce to the Shaw Festival which is a big omission.