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Competitive intelligence: international marketers seek new travel frontiers.

British Airways takes a leap into virtual reality, while Costa Rica and Hawaii want visitors to chill out and share their stories.

29 January 2015

Philip K. Dick would be delighted. The futuristic world the novelist envisioned in classics such as “Minority Report” creeps ever closer via new technology, and that tech also provides opportunities for savvy global tourism marketers to explore new cyber worlds.

The Canadian Tourism Commission (CTC) and the Canadian travel industry have a well-deserved international reputation for taking innovative approaches to new technology and new media, so we will be at the forefront of those changes. (However, we can’t promise cars that fly just yet.) Thanks again to our trusty colleagues and partners for keeping a gimlet eye on the marketplace to help us with this latest CTC News collection.

  • Where the wild things are: the Costa Rica Tourism Board has been trying to turn Americans’ work habits to its advantage. Its “Save the Americans” campaign uses parrots, turtles and a sloth in a humorous video to encourage US consumers to take a break and head to Costa Rica. All together now: In the jungle, the concrete jungle…

  • Step aside, Steve McGarrett: The Hawaii Visitors and Convention Bureau has unveiled a new campaign to attract laidback visitors. “Let Hawaii Happen” encourages visitors to the islands to kick back and immerse themselves in local culture. The bureau then wants travellers and locals alike to share those stories and images on social media using the #LetHawaiiHappen hashtag.

  • Back to the future: British Airways is the latest organization to dabble in virtual reality tourism. European consumers donned Oculus Rift headsets to help “make their US trip a reality,” immersing themselves in ice skating in New York City, running along the Los Angeles coastline and riding a bull in Texas.

  • Bring me my bow of burning gold: Visit England has blended patriotic fervour with the mud and thunder of sport in its latest TV ads. Using the words from the poet William Blake’s “Jerusalem,” sports personalities and celebrities highlight destinations across the country such as the Yorkshire Dales, Tower Bridge, Hadrian’s Wall and Twickenham as part of the build-up to this year’s rugby World Cup, one of the biggest events in the international sporting calendar.

  • Dream on: Visit California has hopped on the content marketing bandwagon with a substantial revamp of its main website. The focus is now on inspirational images and storytelling, taking an a magazine, and making the site more mobile friendly.

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