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Germany digs into history to highlight its transformation, while New Zealand takes to the sky and Las Vegas gets down to business.

27 August 2014

Like solving a Rubik’s cube, there are many different approaches to striking gold in international tourism marketing. The challenge is to take the path that shows a destination off in a fresh, better light and that encourages more people to visit.

The Canadian tourism industry continually seeks innovative ways to increase engagement and visitation and we at the Canadian Tourism Commission (CTC) are happy to help push the envelope. CTC News staff parse the best ideas from our global competitors to help our country stay ahead of the chasing pack. Big thanks as always to our international colleagues and industry partners for lending their shoulders to the investigative wheel.

  • Walls come tumbling down: The German Tourist Board’s summer campaign  took its theme from the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. Canadian video blogger Mike Carey produced 12 three-minute videos chronicling the changes that have taken place in 12 different German destinations during that time. The campaign was reinforced on Instagram and Facebook: travellers in Germany were encouraged to use the #germany25reunified hashtag when sharing their vacation photos, with a prize of a round trip to Berlin on offer.


  • Droning on: Tourism New Zealand is trying a new perspective with its latest campaign aimed at wannabe Australian ski tourists. Visitors at several South Island locations have had the chance to be filmed using a drone, then share the footage on social media using the #NZDronie hashtag. The campaign looks to cash in on the selfie phenomenon on social networks, just from a different height.


  • Bright lights, big city: Las Vegas Convention & Visitors Authority has launched a new campaign to arrest the decline in convention visitor numbers to Sin City. “Vegas means business” plays up the serious business side of the city, with a convention calendar, planning tools, a meeting planner guide and more.
  • Bed and not bored: the new ad campaign by Hilton Hotels & Resorts will ring a bell with readers familiar with CTC’s work. It focuses on places that are not “ordinary”; that “the whole idea of travel is to find new experiences” and embrace local customs.

  • Tolkien with a twist: Tourism New Zealand and Air New Zealand have teamed up for a global contest around the upcoming movie “The Hobbit: Battle of the Five Armies.” The Hobbit Fan Fellowship Contest began in late August; 75 winners, plus friends, will eventually claim prize trips to see the country and watch a preview of the movie with director Peter Jackson.

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