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Competitive intelligence: international marketers look to turn fantasy into reality.

Ireland highlights its ties to ‘Game of Thrones,’ the UK puts Bollywood on the map and the Danes make an unusual appeal.

12 June 2014

It’s not just George R.R. Martin who has a monopoly on fantasy. International marketers look to convert consumers’ visions into travel reality via sophisticated promotions. Canada of course is full of dreamscapes to entrance and delight visitors and the Canadian Tourism Commission (CTC) uses innovative ways to showcase the experiences.

There’s no sleeping on the job for CTC Newsstaff members, who ensure that Canada stays abreast of the global competition. We’re indebted once more to our international colleagues and industry partners for helping us keep the Night Watch vigilant.

  • You know nothing, Jon Snow: Tourism Ireland aims to capitalize on the huge publicity around the fourth season of TV fantasy drama “Game of Thrones.” Its new social-media campaign highlights the locations in the country that were used for filming alongside deals and booking tools. It’s doubtful there will be many takers for their own “Red Wedding”…
  • On location: VisitBritain hopes that more Indian travelers will head to Blighty as a result of its new app that highlights the influence of Bollywood in the UK. The Bollywood in Britain Movie Map (on Android or Apple) lets visitors plan their tours around where famous movies were filmed. Union Jacks on the map mark the spots, accompanied by descriptions of the movies in question.
  • Whole new ball game: The upcoming 2014 FIFA World Cup is proving fertile ground for airline marketers. Not long after Turkish Airlines beat the offside trap with its ad featuring Lionel Messi, Emirates is aiming for the top corner with its campaign featuring Cristiano Ronaldo and the legendary Pelé.


  • It’s all in the name: VisitFinland has been giving travellers some semantic fun. The Finngenerator lets visitors put in their name and gender to create the equivalent Finnish name. All the names have a flavour of nature, tying neatly with the country’s outdoor activities, with many also taken from Finland’s 19th-century poetic magnum opus, “Kalevala.” From now on, you can call CTC News “Tehro Ranta” (Acorn Coast).
  • Lie back and think of Denmark: a Danish travel agency made an unusual pitch to its customers: help improve the country’s falling birth rate by going on holiday! The competition from Spies Travel had a twist: contestants had to make a baby to win. There’s no mention, however, of what happens if the lucky winner has quintuplets…

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