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Competitive intelligence: keeping an eye on Canada’s tourism rivals.

A spotlight on the activities, campaigns and promos carried out by other major tourism destinations around the world. This time: CTC’s emerging markets.

12 July 2012

Blink—and you may well have missed it. The global tourism marketplace has vendors (and hucksters) aplenty, so monitoring its wheels, deals and trends is a full-time job. CTC News is here to save Canada’s tourism industry some time with a second examination of what’s happening on the ground in the Canadian Tourism Commission (CTC)’s emerging markets: Brazil, China, India, Japan, Mexico and South Korea.

Our teammates, partners, general sales agents and other industry friends act as our eyes and ears on the ground, taking time out to send in these snippets. Keep ’em coming folks!

  • Not content with the big noise around the AU$250 million global marketing campaign launch in June, Tourism Australia hogged its share of the headlines in May, too. The federal budget revealed a new Asia Marketing Fund with a cool AU$61 million tucked away for the next four years. The money, which comes from a 10% increase in the Passenger Movement Charge levied on travellers, will mean a significant rise in Tourism Australia’s media spending. One of Tourism Australia’s 2020 goals is to double overnight spending, reaching AU$140 billion.
  • Those Aussies have already been busy in Asian travel markets. Japanese TV viewers are tuning in to a three-month series that follows popular model EMI as she tours Down Under in search of rejuvenation, going from Sydney up the Gold Coast to Cairns.
  • A recent report from Euromonitor International (Passport: Travel and Tourism in Mexico) looks at the 10 goals set by Mexico’s Ministry for Tourism. One of them is to double the number of international arrivals by 2018, specifically focusing on Brazilian, Chinese, Russian and Japanese visitors. And one of the ways of doing so will be to smooth out the wrinkles in the visa process. Sound familiar? Meanwhile, the US and Canada remain Mexico’s most important incoming tourism markets, with the big two expected to send over 23 million consumers in 2016.
  • Tourism New Zealand has snipped the cyber ribbon on the latest stage of its “Stories beats Stuff” campaign that targets youth travellers, offering them a chance to win a trip with three pals. The first phase attracted 250,000 YouTube views, including 50,000 of the winner’s NZ experiences. Travellers aged 18-29 account for 25% of annual tourism arrivals to New Zealand.
  • “My precioussss:” the Kiwis also hope that this winter’s blockbuster, “The Hobbit: There and Back Again,” will drive traveller feet (though not necessarily hairy halfling ones) to New Zealand. Tourism New Zealand’s upcoming campaign, “100% Middle-earth, 100% Pure New Zealand,” draws heavily on the fact that the movie landscapes were filmed in New Zealand. Some of the movie locations have also been added to Pinterest.
  • South African Tourism is poised to lift the “emerging market” tag from India on the strength of the numbers coming in. Last year there was a 26.1% surge, pushing the total near 100,000.


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