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Competitive intelligence: destinations dream of new ways to entice international travellers.

California takes over YouTube, Oregon reveals its seven wonders while Scotland offers golden silence.

28 May 2014

Marketers around the world have a dream that they hope will convince travellers to choose their destination as their next vacation spot. Canada is blessed with places and experiences to make visitors go weak at the knees, and we at the Canadian Tourism Commission (CTC) delight in sharing those with our international audience.

However, it’s an extraordinarily competitive arena, full of stimulating ideas for tourists, so CTC News staff members stay awake to what our rivals are up to.  Merci beaucoup again to our international colleagues, general sales agents and industry partners for helping us keep watch.

  • Round the clock: Visit California kick-started its “Dream 365” project with a new partnership with YouTube. On February 28, consumers in different markets (Australia, the UK and the US) were served up 24 videos—one every hour—highlighting Californians and their stories. As part of the campaign, YouTube rebranded its desktop and mobile sites for those 24 hours with 100% California advertising.

  • Seventh heaven: Travel Oregon is hoping its largest ever marketing campaign will pay dividends. The $3-million US “7 Wonders” campaign highlights seven spots across the state via TV ads, Instagram images and other original content, comparing them favourably with the original seven wonders of the world.

  • The sound of silence: Visit Scotland has begun to market its remote destinations as a way for travellers to enjoy a digital detox, with 25% of the country still without mobile phone reception. Although many visitors complain about a lack of connectivity, the Scots believe that others will relish the chance to switch off and count the sheep.
  • One day like this: Tourism Australia forged a new partnership with Virgin Australia and Delta Air Lines to tempt American travellersDown Under. The “someday” campaign offers 52 week-long trips to Australia to entice curious Americans beyond just planning a trip to Australia at some point in the future to taking one this year.
  • Take your pick: Go Israel has dipped its toes in interactive waters with a new campaign. Consumers get to plot their own adventures via three different paths, helped by three guides who provide a first-person take on Israel: Sharon from Tel Aviv, who is fond of the good life; Amit, a returning Israeli who is more of a cool dude; and John, who prides himself on his knowledge of the country.

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