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British Airways tugs at consumer heartstrings, love is in the air in the UK while golf is top of the leaderboard in New Zealand.

16 October 2013

Travel stirs the emotions: whether it’s the excitement of departure, the joy of meeting a loved one on arrival, the heart-stopping experiences while travelling or the pangs of regret upon having to head home, travel makes for indelible memories.

We at the Canadian Tourism Commission (CTC) know full well that part of Canada’s resonance with international travellers is the emotional connection they make with our country while here. CTC News has been back in the field, looking for powerful stories in the global tourism industry. Thanks again to our teammates, general sales agents and industry partners for their assistance. Now pass the tissues, please.

  • Tugging at the heartstrings: British Airways pulled out all the stops for its latest campaign. Aimed at the millions of Indians around the world, the #visitmum campaign centres around the story of a mother telling stories of what she cooked for her son, who left home when he was 17 years old. The video would melt the stoniest of souls.



  • Lights, camera, social media, action: Tourism Whitsundays in Queensland, Australia, attempted a cinematic first: a movie crowdsourced via Facebook. The project invited fans to write different scenes as part of an online contest for 20 consecutive days, with an AUS$10,000 vacation up for grabs. Whether the contest unearthed the next Baz Luhrmann remains to be seen.
  • Fore! Tourism New Zealand is ploughing NZ$2 million into promoting golf over the next three years. The decision is based on the findings of its Golf Tourism Strategy Report, which indicated New Zealand had world-class golf tourism potential to attract visitors to don their plus-fours. The golf strategy is part of Tourism New Zealand’s drive to attract bigger-spending international travellers.
  • All you need is love: VisitBritain has unveiled a new website to stir traveller passions. Following on the image-based success of Pinterest and Instagram, the LoveWall lets users explore the UK via category, using a map to discover other nearby experiences, all of which can be added to a “suitcase” as users build their dream trips.
  • Talking their language: Tourism Australia has lifted the lid on its new website for Chinese travellers, its first designed exclusively for an overseas audience. The new website is fully integrated with the major Chinese social networks, such as Sina Weibo, QQ Weibo and Kaixin. The Aussies estimate that this Asian market will be worth AUS$9 billion for its tourism market by 2020.



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