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Competitive intelligence: international marketers look to build awareness.

It’s open house in Brazil, the Canary Islands show off their hidden assets, while Greece unveils a new consumer website.

27 March 2014

Expensive technology does not always lead to high-spending international visitors. In a tough international tourism marketplace, each new campaign is a test of nerve. As proven innovators, we at the Canadian Tourism Commission (CTC) have a steady hand when the dice get rolled.

CTC News staff members love to peruse social networks for the latest intel on these campaigns and other initiatives to keep Canada ahead of the competition. We could not do this without the help of our international colleagues, general sales agents and industry partners. Caps duly doffed in their direction.

  • Open house: Brazil has opened its virtual doors to the world via a new interactive website. Visitors browse around different parts of the virtual house that highlight the country’s food (kitchen), sport (trophy room) and music (music room). The new website complements Embratur’s main consumer website in the run-up to the 2014 FIFA World Cup.
  • Magnificent seven: the Canary Islands’ tourist board gave free licence to seven Vimeo videographers to spend seven days on each of the Spanish destination’s seven islands. The resulting project captured unseen sides of the Canaries, with the aim of building awareness among would-be tourists.


  • Story time: Greece has launched a new consumer website centred on storytelling. DiscoverGreece.com has stories, 60 videos and over 2,000 photos designed to lure travellers to southeast Europe. The content is also sorted by traveller type (shades of Explorer Quotient®here) and holiday experience. At the same time, Marketing Greeceis running a new social-media campaign, using the hashtag #WeDiscoverGreece, that encourages people to share stories and photos from their Greek vacations.
  • Shop till you drop: All Nippon Airways has released the latest video in its year-long “Is Japan Cool?” marketing campaign. The project’s videos, which have clocked 2.5 million YouTube views to date, highlight the country’s unique culture and destinations to drive increased interest from travellers. The latest focuses on shopping, from food to cosmetics to fashion and more.

  • Pin it to win it: the US Olympic Committee got into the Sochi spirit with a Facebook contest. Pinsanity let sports fans collect and trade hundreds of virtual Olympic pins, feeding off the popularity of fans doing this at the Olympic Games since the 1980s. Collectors of the “pin of the week” were entered into contests to win further swag.


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