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Brazil looks to the FIFA 2014 World Cup, while fresh campaigns from New Zealand and Australia aimed to fan the flames of passion in France.

04 April 2013

There is no such thing as a level playing field in international tourism marketing. Every team looks for the edge that will give them the advantage. The Canadian Tourism Commission (CTC) has one of the best lineups around, and constantly looks for ways to keep Canada on top of its game.

Taking a global overview, CTC News has its eye constantly on the marketplace, looking for the tactics and tricks that have gone from the training ground to open play. CTC’s colleagues, partners, general sales agents and industry friends are part of this scene, gathering the sharpest info.

  • Samba style: Brazil is revving up for the 2014 FIFA World Cup with a new series of videos on the soccer tournament’s host cities. The Braziltour website hosts the 12 videos, detailing for soccer fans what sights, sounds and attractions to anticipate on their visit in 2014. Embratur, the national tourism organization, has its fingers crossed for more than 600,000 soccer-loving visitors during the four-week long tournament.
  • Ooh, la la: Tourism New Zealand has made its first concerted attempt in two years to woo French travellers. A new partnership with online travel agencies Opodo.fr and GoVoyages.fr is aimed at luring Gallic long-haul travellers with fresh Kiwi content alongside links to travel info.
  • Bear necessities: Following the success of its Hobbit-themed video in 2012, Air New Zealand enlisted the help of TV wilderness master Bear Grylls for a follow-up. The humourous in-flight safety movie, shot entirely outdoors, has Grylls carrying a fish-filled rucksack, plus working with three Boy Scouts dealing with seat belts, no smoking signs and more.
  • Euro stars: Tourism Australia has also made a stronger play for European consumers. Posters in 100 train stations showcasing the country’s nature and experiences have been reinforced by a “Nothing like Australia” video played to commuters. Meanwhile in France, a joint promotion with Australian state tourism organizations looks to boost the country’s reputation as a romantic destination. Online and print ads have targeted the honeymoon sector of the tourism market.


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